Justice in the Woods: The Botany Trial

Posted by: Maggie

As part of my new plan for weight loss/fitness I’m trying to get outside at least one day of the weekend. Last weekend we went out on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday evening we decided to check out some of the trails at Placerita Canyon. We got there a little later than planned and it was already getting dark and cold so we just had a short little hike on the “Botany Trail.”


  1. i love that park

  2. Kristy 

    How pretty. Are those eggs on the bottom? BTW, the heading says “Trial” not “Trail”.

  3. Kristy 

    I thought it was a strange coincidence, considering your line of work. I got the pics! They are awesome. I put up one on my FB and one on Andrew’s too. And no chin!

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