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Super Big Girl Time: Eleanor’s 2 Year Doctor’s Visit and Her First Real Dentist Appointment

Posted by: Maggie

I just realized that I never posted about Eleanor’s 2 Year Check-Up! Well, our pediatrician says she seems to be doing great. He was very impressed by how much and how well she talked. He laughed and said that he didn’t need to ask the developmental questions after he heard her ask Josh, “What’s that?…Oh, [...]

2010 Resolutions: 6. Get Happier

Posted by: Maggie

The last year or so has been a little rough for me. I just haven’t quite been my usual optimistic self. I wouldn’t say I’ve been depressed, because I’ve never been clinically diagnosed with depression, but I will say that I’ve been suffering through a long bout of melancholy. This is not so unusual for [...]

Congratulations Mr. 500!

Posted by: Maggie

Well, we finally reached 500 comments! So the prize for our 500th comment giveaway:

Another lovely red mug and a bag of some very delicious French Roast Newhall Coffee, goes to the author of our 500th comment:

Hey it’s Andrew J. Schubert! Congrats Andrew! That means that the winners of both of our giveaways are the awesome [...]

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