Fabulous Friday: Boudoir Photography by
Maggie Keegan Gross Photography

Posted by: Maggie

I have been dying to show you all these photos! My gorgeous sister-in-law Jenny called me a few weeks ago and asked me to take some boudoir photos as a gift for her anniversary. I was thrilled! I had just decided that I was in love with boudoir photography and really wanted to focus a lot of my portfolio building on it, in addition to my children and family portraiture. I was beyond happy to have such a lovely model to start out on. I hope you all enjoy them! And don’t worry the images should be safe for work! No nudity!

Also, you all get a little sneak peak at my new business logo. Josh wanted me to wait until the site was up so you could see it in it’s full size and loveliness. But, you know me, sooooo impatient. I had to start using it as my image watermark right away! I hope you love it as much as I do!

I would just die for that gorgeous natural red hair! Love, love, love it! How can you not love a redhead?!

This next one is my absolute favorite! I could die right now, having created such a beautiful image!

And I just can’t get enough of those freckles, especially on her shoulders! So pretty!

Happy Anniversary Beth & Jenny!

p.s. They have their own blog now, another anniversary gift from Jenny to Beth. You can check it out here.

AND if you don’t remember, Amy was their wedding photographer. You can see some of the images from their wedding here.


  1. lovely!
    I bet she’s really happy with them!

  2. Beautiful! Love the B&W with the tattoo and the last one!

  3. megan 

    Lovely! I wish I was brave enough to pose for a session like that!

  4. Awesome photos and love love love the typeface of the logo!!!!

  5. Jenny Gross 

    Maggie, can’t thank you enough, really. Beth LOVED these, love isn’t s strong enough word actually, you catch my drift? But on a serious note, your photography is amazing, you made me feel great about myself, and I will forever remember how you took the time and enthusiasm to put your efforts into capturing these shots in time. It helps that you just have the natural drive and personality that makes a girl feel comfortable to pose this way and that way and bare it all. I so admire your work and desire to just do it all!! And you DO it all fabulously! You’re like a superwoman. I’ve so enjoyed becoming closer to you.

  6. First, beautiful photos and beautiful girl!!!

    Second, NO FAIR that she has a butt like that! Damn girl, you got some good looking back end action!

  7. Kristy 

    Great pics! I love how seductive they are. I wish my stomach could get that flat!

  8. Araceli 

    Great shots Maggie. Congrats on your new endeavors! I like your style…it’s very dreamy yet elegant.
    Great job!

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