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Boudoir Photography Workshop!
(Get Your Password Here!)

Posted by: Maggie

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A few weeks ago, Amy and I attended a workshop on Boudoir Photography.
We had a great time. The model was amazing! Gorgeous and cute and funny! [...]

Fabulous Friday: Newborn Portraits
by Maggie Keegan Gross Photography

Posted by: Maggie

Remember, the Maternity Portraits I shot back in January?

Well, the little one has arrived and here she is!

Be warned, you may catch the baby fever if you scroll any further. It’s extremely contagious!

The lucky parents, Kristy & Andrew, informed me that she is a “good” baby as opposed to Eleanor the “bad” baby, meaning this [...]

Family Dance Party!

Posted by: Maggie

We have a little family tradition that I started when Eleanor was just a tiny baby. Every Sunday morning (some Saturday mornings and an occasional evening or weekday morning by special request) we have a family dance party! The big event starts right after breakfast and we are, most often, still in our pajamas. Just [...]

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