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Beacuse I love you…

Posted by: Maggie

Here’s a special Saturday night post for you. Please to enjoy the following Annie Hall clip without which this month’s header would have no meaning:

Annie Hall is my very favorite movie of all time!  This scene always makes me so sad and so happy! Love, love, love it!

Fabulous Friday: Eleanor’s Haircut

Posted by: Maggie

You may have noticed that Eleanor’s hair changed between our Spring holidays. Long and wild at Passover and short and sassy by Easter. I’d been putting off her haircut for awhile. I really loved the long hair, but it was getting so hard to brush out. So I finally gave in and took her for [...]

Easter 2010

Posted by: Maggie

Easter was pretty low-key this year. There were a number of events, but all were very relaxed. After breakfast Eleanor got her Easter outfit on and she found her Easter basket. We would have given it to her first thing in the morning, but we wanted her to eat some real food before she discovered [...]

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