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Wordless Wednesday: Passover 2010

Posted by: Maggie

April Header Contest

Posted by: Maggie

Anybody know this quote?
The first person who can tell me what it’s from and who said it will win………my respect!
Hahahahaahaha! No, seriously, that’s all you’ll get, which is why there is no point in googling it! I’d just like to see if I have any kindred spirits out there reading our blog!
Love you [...]

Buy Josh This for his Birthday on April 29

Posted by: Josh

Dear family and adjacent people in my life who for whatever reason feel obligated to do me SOMETHING for my birthday, whether that obligation derive from a genuine liking-ness of me or a dull persistent nagging guilt stemming from an immediate blood relationship: these are your options.

iPod Touch (I’ll take the cheapest one (8GB) and [...]

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