Monthly Archives: April 2010

Fabulous Friday: The Reading Corner

Posted by: Maggie

The Spring always makes me want to redecorate and reorganize the house. I’ll post next week about the little changes I’ve been making around the house. But for now I wanted to show you my new reading corner. Not that I have time to read or anything, but if I did this is where I’d [...]

What is Going On Around Here?!

Posted by: Maggie

I know guys. I know. I owe you a post. I owe you a bunch of posts. But I am so exhausted this week that I just haven’t been able to get it together to actually sit and concentrate and write one. It’s been hard enough to work and take care of Eleanor and go [...]

Fabulous Friday: Sleeping Anywhere But In Bed

Posted by: Maggie

We’re having some issues. See also Wednesday. More on this next week.

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