Monthly Archives: July 2010

Hey Maggie, what’s going on with your photo website?

Posted by: Maggie

Well, I told a bunch of people that it was going to launch on the 4th and now it’s the 15th and it’s not up yet! What’s the deal?!
Well, Josh was basically ready to have it up, but I didn’t have the content ready. So I spent a weekend or so getting the content written [...]

Wordless Wednesday: The One with the Lollipop

Posted by: Josh

New July Header!

Posted by: Maggie

You like? I used some of these giant lollipops for a family portrait shoot I did over the weekend. While I was editing the images Eleanor looked over my shoulder and said, “What’s that? I want one!” And I thought, “That’s it! Just what I need for our July header!” So we ran right out [...]

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