Summer Vacation: Day Three – Anniversary Trip to the Mission Inn Part One

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WARNING: Once again, there are A LOT of photos in this post! I did cut out a significant number and split the trip into two posts but I wanted to show you all how gorgeous the Inn is. I’ve tried to keep the commentary to a minimum so you can just scroll through the pictures.

The next day of our vacation was our sixth wedding anniversary. We wanted to do something special and for the first time in a long time we could sort of afford it. We had never spent a night together away from Eleanor before, so we were pretty excited about the idea.

Eleanor spent the evening with my sister Maria and brother-in-law Christian, or Aunt Momo and Uncle Kiki to Eleanor. We were pretty nervous for them. I’m sure I’ve posted about how difficult it is to get Eleanor to bed, so we assumed that it would be even more difficult in a strange place in a strange bed. Reports from Momo were that they stayed up in bed watching movies until about 11 when Eleanor finally passed out. That’s a lot better than I expected.

We dropped her off in the afternoon after her nap and headed to Riverside to the Mission Inn. I posted about the Inn yesterday on my photo site. You can read about it there.

I just love staying in hotels. I know a lot of people aren’t crazy about hotels. They complain that they’re all the same no matter how fancy or expensive they are, with the same boring ugly rooms, noise, air conditioning problems, shower heat or water pressure problems, etc. I kinda think those people just suck at picking hotels. Sorry guys.

I rarely have problems anywhere I stay. I think it’s because I’m willing to pay a little more (really just a little more, definitely not a big spender) for a nicer place. I do a lot of research before I pick a hotel. I’m very picky about the decor. I must see room photos not just photos of the hotel before I choose a place.

My luck with hotels may also have something to do with the fact that I’m willing to overlook little things like some noise and temperature issues if the room is pretty. To be honest the decor of the room is by far the most important feature to me.

My research on this hotel turned up some reviews that complained about noise from the many events that are held at the hotel, and complaints that while some rooms are very nice and new looking others were not updated and not as nice. Armed with that knowledge I chose to make reservations by phone rather than online so that I could specifically request a room that was quiet and was sure to mention that we were celebrating our anniversary in the hopes that they would give us a nicer room and perhaps do something special for us as some hotels do.

That strategy worked for the most part. When we checked in they told us there was going to be a wedding reception on the patio which many, many rooms overlook, so they would give us a room that was on the other side of the building (We did hear some noise that night from the party, but it could have been much worse). And our room was very nice and did not look at all outdated. But they also didn’t do anything special for us because it was our anniversary, which of course was not necessary. But I think that would have been good business. That’s the kind of thing people are sure to tell all their friends about.

My new hotel bathroom photo tradition:

We spent the late afternoon to early evening just wandering the grounds (it takes up a city block) taking pictures.

While wandering we ran into three couples having engagement photos done and the wedding party having their portraits done before the ceremony. The Inn is apparently very popular for local photographers.

After wandering for a while we went back to our room to change for dinner and Josh pulled out my anniversary gift. Which by the way we had agreed not to exchange, because we were already spending money on the hotel, my new camera was supposed to be my gift and Josh is getting an ipod touch when the new version comes out next month.

So I felt kinda like a jerk when he pulled out this and I had nothing for him.

But it was a very nice gift. I have really wanting to read this since Josh checked it out of the library and read it a few months ago.

I’m only a quarter of the way through it right now, and I loooove it. I’m planning a post about it later. Stay tuned.

After we dressed and walked across the street for dinner at Mario’s Place. Another recommendation from reviewers of the hotel. Thank goodness for those kind souls who mentioned that the hotel restaurants were overpriced and not very good, thankfully several people said to head across the street instead. And so we did.

And it was very, very nice. Pretty decor, dim lighting, delicious food. We were very pleased.

And my husband looked very handsome.

And I could take pictures of wine glasses for days.

We started with a cheese plate (my favorite!). And then I had the pumpkin ravioli (another favorite).

Josh had the mushroom risotto. It was very good, and I’m not a fan of mushrooms.

And then coffee and dessert.

The sorbets were yummy.

Unfortunately, the coffee wasn’t great. Oh well, you cant win them all! At least I looked cute drinking it.

After dinner we went back to the, now beautifully lit for the night, Inn where we…well, I don’t need to get into details. Let’s just say we did something we only do in hotels…okay I’ll tell you, we watched tv in bed!! I’m a little jealous of all of you with tvs in your bedrooms. It’s so luxurious!

Up next, day two at the Inn!

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  1. Megan 

    What a gorgeous place! Riverside? Who would have guessed? You’re blonde bangs are all things perfection! I love!

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