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A Song for Saturday: You were meant for me

Posted by: Maggie

This song makes me think of fall and walks in the rain. So in honor of last night’s rainstorm, The Pretenders’ cover of The Kinks’ “I Go to Sleep”:

Also I am crazy for Chrissie Hynde. With those long legs and that voice of hers. She’s amazing!
Have a lovely rainy weekend everyone!

Fabulous Friday: Lemon and Raspberry’s Better Blog Content Workshop

Posted by: Maggie

Ok, so I don’t actually know if it’s fabulous or not, since it hasn’t actually happened yet, but I’m sure it will be. So I think you all should check it out!
Lemon and Raspberry is the creation of our good friend Amy of Teegan Photography fame.

It’s a site with tons of info and resources for [...]

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