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Fabulous Friday: Winter Boots

Posted by: Maggie

I love boots! In the fall and winter, I wear them almost every day. There is just something about them that looks so perfectly seasonal, luxurious and sexy.

I got this pair a few weeks ago and get compliments on them almost every time I wear them! Love them! What’s your favorite fall or winter wardrobe [...]

Halloween 2010

Posted by: Maggie

Halloween this year was pretty relaxed. I usually have a rule about costumes. I think they should be scary or creepy or dark. So when Eleanor wanted to be a cowgirl, I thought, “Perfect! We’ll be the dead cowboys Eleanor beat in a shoot out!” The plan was bullet wounds and white makeup. BUT then [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Auntie MoMo’s Birthday!

Posted by: Maggie

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