Thanksgiving Part One: Baking Cookies with Eleanor

Posted by: Maggie

Thanksgiving went by much too quickly this year. First thing in the morning Eleanor and I baked some chocolate chip cookies. Just because I knew she would love them!

We had three other dishes to make to bring to Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house that afternoon. So I wanted to start out making something fun with Eleanor. And she loved it!

I forgot to put aprons on us! Don’t worry, we changed into our special Thanksgiving outfits before heading over for dinner! Thanksgiving photos tomorrow!


  1. I love Eleanor’s hair. It’s fabulous!!! And lucky girl to have such great color… natural highlights.

  2. megan 

    I know I already commented on it, but that haircut is too cute!
    Remember when Jennifer Anniston got layers while on “Friends” and people started requesting the “Rachel cut” … moms are going to start requesting the “Eleanor” for thier little girls :)

    Well done Stacy the Hair Stylist!

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