Fabulous Friday: Cranky’s Top 10 of 2010

Posted by: Maggie

In celebration of the end of the year I’m bringing to you the best of Cranky for 2010!

Best Search Phrases (how some people found the site this year):

  1. sweaty eyelids
  2. eleanor loves it she does a great rumpus dance
  3. funphoto boy
  4. full bangs
  5. torn shirt
  6. broken cheekbone
  7. sexy winter
  8. breast care exam
  9. swimsuits for fat thighs
  10. parents living vicariously through their children

Most Popular Posts of the Year (most viewed):

  1. Fabulous Friday: Maternity Portraits by Maggie Keegan Gross Photography
  2. Boys and Balloons: A Just for Fun Photo Shoot with Teegan Photography, Part One
  3. Fabulous Friday: Fashion, Fashion Photography, & Fashion Blogs
  4. Fabulous Friday: Boudoir Photography by Maggie Keegan Gross Photography
  5. Megan – Life & Style Portraits by Maggie Keegan Gross Photography
  6. Super Big Girl Time: Eleanor’s 2 Year Doctor’s Visit and Her First Real Dentist Appointment
  7. Mentryville with the Schuberts
  8. Wordless Wednesday: My Beauty
  9. The Day Has Come
  10. Boudoir Workshop Part One (FYI – this post is Not Safe For Work – the password is voluptuous

My 10 Favorite Photos of Eleanor this Year

Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2011!


  1. kristy 

    Happy New Year Keegan Gross family! My favorite Eleanor entry from this year was of course, the time she went crazy in the bathroom and made herself a cat. :) My favorite post of all time is the Poop Story, when she spread it all over her crib. I think about that often and am dreading the day.

  2. Megan 

    I have never been so STOKED to be in fifth place before!!! Wait till the next shoot… :)

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