On Being 29 &
My 30 by 30 List

Posted by: Maggie

I’ve been thinking about how to write about this since my birthday on February 5th. I’ve turned 29 and am surprised by how I feel about it. I’m kinda sad. Sad to be in the last year of my Twenties. I don’t have a problem with growing older. Especially since my baby face still looks 18. But there is something special about being in your Twenties and I’m sad to be leaving that behind. My goal over the next year is to get over that. I want to do 29 up big! I want to accomplish a number of things and better define the kind of person that I am and want to be, and have a fun year doing it!

Your Twenties is time for growing up, a transition from childhood to adulthood. I want to ensure that I’ve made that transition thoughtfully. This year is about living intentionally. Not just going through the motions each day, but really thinking about the things I do and how they will contribute to the life I want to live.

I’m starting with a list. I’ll blog about each item as I check it off.  AND I’ll be doing a series of posts about things that I think I already do pretty well called Cranky Living. Hopefully you’ll enjoy!

For now, here’s my list, let me know if you have any tips or ways to help me accomplish all of these by February 5, 2012!

30 by 30

  1. IT’S A SECRET – I’ll let you know when I accomplish it!
  2. Keep my plants alive
  3. Get in the best shape of my life
  4. Have Christa Meola take boudoir portraits of me (after completing #3)
  5. Write a Book
  6. Make more time to read books
  7. Make books of my blog posts
  8. Have a beautiful bedroom
  9. Make my Photography business successful enough to support my family
  10. Learn the harmonica
  11. Let go of what I think I’m supposed to be and just be who I am
  12. Be less critical of myself and others
  13. Get rid of the clutter and stop accumulating it in the first place
  14. Finally decorate my patio
  15. Create and stick to a budget
  16. Pay off our credit card debt
  17. Build an emergency fund
  18. Make something fun that people want to buy from me
  19. Redesign Making Me Cranky
  20. Get a New Tattoo
  21. Say “No” more, or at least, “I wish I could, but I have too much on my plate right now!”
  22. Get rid of the chemicals in my house
  23. Focus on healthy eating
  24. Stop Eating Fish
  25. Get pregnant with Baby #2
  26. Buy a new little black dress
  27. Visit a haunted house
  28. Go Wine Tasting
  29. Learn enough graphic design that I don’t need Josh to do it all for me
  30. Throw a Fabulous 30th birthday party for myself on the last night of my 20s! (That’s Saturday Feb 4th 2012, Save the Date!)


  1. Megan 

    I will be 29 in August and woke up in tears at the thought the other day. WTF is wrong with me? I too have my to do list before 30, and I need to get on that. I feel you, friend!

    In the meantime, I can help you knock out No. 14 — “Fianlly decorate my patio.” Give me a budget and a theme. “Free” is in fact a budget and “pretty” is a theme :) Just let me know; it will be fun!

  2. Christina 

    I love your list! A personal anecdote for you: I semi-completed your #3. I wouldn’t say it was in the best shape of my life, but I made some great strides and got down to my “goal” weight in September. Then I accomplished your #25 in December. I’m not sure how I feel about these two to-dos in the same year. I intentionally did both, as you plan to do, but I’m disappointed that I only got to enjoy my new super fit body for a few months, only for it to get bloated and mishapen in a fast few weeks. I knew we wanted to get pregnant at the end of the year so I was well aware of the short period I could enjoy it and didn’t want to just sit on my butt because I knew I was going to get pregnant. I already have my post-baby workout plan to get back to where I was… we’ll see how that goes :( PS- I turn 30 in 2.5 months. And sorry, this comment contains no tips on how to help you check-off your to-dos.. it’s just me thinking out loud! Actually, now that I think about it– get in shape now, enjoy it all summer and fall (since I know you love fall), then get knocked up right before your 30th bday… wait, but then you can’t enjoy fantastic wine and cocktails on your birthday. Hmmm.

  3. Erin 

    Well, I can at least help you out with #28! The wedding festivities will be well before your birthday!

  4. Great list! I have a list too, but it’s a life list!

    I want to get another tattoo, too!

    If you want to get in shape, join dailymile.com. You can track all your work outs and its a fun way to reflect on what you’ve done. Keeps me motivated.

    My favorite one is this tho: “Let go of what I think I’m supposed to be and just be who I am.”

  5. G Regan 

    Having just turned 60 (yikes) this past weekend, and totally remember turning 30, I’m encouraged and proud and a little envious too that you’re so thoughtful about who you are now and what you hope to be. Life happens so fast that it can be a little hard to plan things sometime, Just the idea of having that list is a great accomplishment!I’d love to go with you for #20 & #28, I don’t get #24 – it’s good for you and could help you with #3!

  6. Jenny Gross 

    I can most definitely help out on the healthy food and exercise parts, the wine tasting, and, I love referring people to your photography business =) And I already think you ARE who you are, rather than something you’re supposed to be. Ahhh! Now I want to make a before 30 list too! p.s. for the haunted house, we could go to halloween horror nights at Universal. They have lots of good haunted houses. Good, clean, and scary fun.

  7. Chris 

    If you accomplish #11 let me know how you did it. Sounds like it is going to be an amazing year! Go for it.

  8. Di 

    For #27, go here: http://www.winchestermysteryhouse.com/ Super fun, interesting, and bizarre. I don’t know if it’s really haunted, but Sarah sure was convinced of it! And I think I really like your #18. I’ve been thinking about that a lot this past year.

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