The Mold Saga: Part Three

Posted by: Maggie

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When you last joined us we were checking into a hotel Saturday evening after mold spores had likely been spread through the house.

We waited to hear from the complex manager until she returned to work Monday morning. In the meantime I had written her a detailed email explaining the situation and how I needed it to be handled before we would return home.

Monday morning she informed me  that she was working with the maintenance staff and everything would be taken care of properly.

Tuesday morning she said that a company would be coming out to do testing and she would let us know the results.

Wednesday morning she said the company wasn’t able to come out the day before but they would be out that morning and they would rush the lab tests to get them by the afternoon. In the evening she said she still hadn’t heard back from them.

Thursday morning she said the results were back and it was not safe to return. NO KIDDING!

So, after being out for five days we were told what I knew five days earlier! Wonderful! So nice to know. Now what are you going to do about it?! Well, I was told they would have someone certified to handle the clean up come out as quickly as possible.

Friday morning, that’s today, I was told that someone would come out by 3pm to start work. How long they will take? No estimate yet. It’s my understanding though that it should take a day or so to get everything cleaned up. So I can only hope we’ll be back in by Sunday. And, if not, I am going to FLIP OUT!

Now that you’ve read the moldy portions of our story, I’ll give you all the exciting¬† details of our hotel life when our saga continues…

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