Like Sleeping With a Feral Cat

Posted by: Maggie

Right now we’re preparing the house and Eleanor for a visit from Josh’s best friend Brian. Brian is our smartest and funniest friend. He’s a college History professor in Texas, and for the next week he’ll be staying with us. Because we live in a smallish apartment and do not have a guest room, he’ll be staying in Eleanor’s room which I’m going to make all cozy like with a big air mattress. Eleanor will be sleeping with us, which should be fine, right?

We have a giant King size bed and we’re all pretty small people. I could lose twenty or so pounds, but I’m still not that wide and Josh and Eleanor are as thin as can be, so there should be plenty of room. Well, not when you’re sleeping with Eleanor. We’ve been prepping her the last couple of nights to see if she’ll go to bed in our room all by herself so that we don’t have to go to bed at 8pm while Brian is visiting. She’s been doing okay going to bed, not great, but okay. Except for the actual sleeping part.

She’s this tiny person in the middle of a huge bed with plenty of room for the three of us, and yet she manages to knee, elbow, kick, headbutt, throw her arms or legs on top of both of us throughout the night. I don’t understand it at all. Every other night she sleeps in a toddler bed that is just a little bigger than she is. There is no way that there is room for all this thrashing about in her bed, yet when she’s with us she’s all over the place.

Of course this means less than great nights of sleep for us, but it’s okay. We’re willing to sacrifice for Brian! We wish he would stay longer! Really we wish he would move in and entertain us everyday. Can’t wait for him to get here!


  1. G Regan 

    It’s like closet space – the more you have the more you use!

  2. Kristy 

    ugh! We have the same issue. We bring Audrey to our bed if she is really sick. She screams, kicks, cries, and eventually just accidentally falls out of bed. We sleep soooo well, I just LOVE co-sleeping!

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