Weekly Pregnancy Update: Week 10

Posted by: Maggie

Yeah, I said I was going to update you last week, but I didn’t get around to it. Oh well, 10 is a nice number to start with right?

The Week in Pregnant

This week was half yuck and half meh, with a day or so of pretty good.  I’m still exhausted, and for half the week I was still feeling nauseous all day. BUT toward the end of the week, the nausea subsided a bit. I felt fine all day on Friday until the evening, and was the same the rest of the weekend, fine during the day and a little sick in the evening. Which is fanatastic, because I’ve finally been able to get some work done!

Cravings of the Week

  • Ice Cream
  • Lasagna
  • Lemon Yogurt

Tears of the Week

In case you haven’t been pregnant or around someone who is pregnant, you know that pregnancy hormones make you crazy emotional.

  • Louie Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World” on the radio
  • NPR story about returning veterans learning to use prosthetic limbs
  • 9/11 anniversary coverage on NPR Sunday morning

Baby Brain Moments of the Week

  • Searching frantically through my purse for my cell phone, only to find it in my hand
  • Forgetting on two occasions that I had plans until just before I was supposed to be there


  1. Sara 

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I havent been online as much as Id like! Youre pregnant!! Im so excited for you!!! I LOVE this idea of posts, Ill be following it =)

  2. Christina 

    Cute update! Can’t wait for the rest of them.

  3. G Regan 

    Two out of three of your cries I cried too & if I had heard the item on the vets with prosthetics I would have cried at that too! Louis Armstrong’s song was sung at my mother’s funeral and it’s on the video of her my brother made. Did you see the Bud commercial? – the horse bowing as the came into NYC – even my husband got teary!

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