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Fall Decor 2011

Posted by: Maggie

And just before I pack it up and pull out the Christmas decorations (by the way, I’m really excited about those this year!), here’s a look at my Fall Decor!

Halloween 2011: Part Two

Posted by: Maggie

In the month leading up to Halloween, Eleanor’s costume changed three times. First, she wanted to be the Wicked Witch. So I bought a few things for her. But then I discovered that she already had a hand-me-down Dorothy dress in her closet, so I convinced her to be Dorothy so that I could be [...]

Halloween 2011: Part One

Posted by: Maggie

Okay so I’m going to ease into this getting back to posting thing with a couple image heavy, commentary very light, posts!
p.s. I realize this post is very, very late, but at least I’m posting about Halloween before Thanksgiving!
We started celebrating Halloween the weekend before. We spent a day carving pumpkins and then went to [...]

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