Halloween 2011: Part One

Posted by: Maggie

Okay so I’m going to ease into this getting back to posting thing with a couple image heavy, commentary very light, posts!

p.s. I realize this post is very, very late, but at least I’m posting about Halloween before Thanksgiving!

We started celebrating Halloween the weekend before. We spent a day carving pumpkins and then went to check out some child-friendly and free haunted houses!

First we hit The House At Haunted Hill in Woodland Hills. It’s a really amazing yard and window display with a talking pumpkin as the narrator and projected images telling a story. It was very cool.

After that we headed to Boney Island in Sherman Oaks. It’s another amazing yard display featuring a cast of skeletons performing in various side shows. Including a musical cauldron water show! I was very impressed.

Up next, Halloween!

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