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Eleanor’s Fourth Birthday Part Three – The Birthday

Posted by: Maggie

As is our tradition, we all played hooky on the actual day of Eleanor’s birthday. We had her favorite Chinese food for lunch. She’s obsessed with hot & sour soup!

Afterwards we went to see the Muppet Movie. I tried to grab a few nice shots of her in her purplicious birthday outfit, these are [...]

Eleanor’s Fourth Birthday Part Two – Disneyland

Posted by: Maggie

The day after Eleanor’s party, we took our second annual trip to Disneyland! We realize that after baby number 2 arrives we won’t be doing Disneyland for her birthday anymore. We’ll have to choose a different time of the year to do an annual family trip, since it’s so crazy expensive to go more than [...]

Eleanor’s Fourth Birthday Part One – The Party

Posted by: Maggie

We kicked off Eleanor’s multiple birthday celebrations (no, we’re not spoiling her, I celebrate everything big) with a party with our families. I was lazy about theming her party this year. There is so much available holiday stuff, so I asked her if she’d like a Christmas birthday party this year, and luckily she said, [...]

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