Eleanor’s Fourth Birthday Part Two – Disneyland

Posted by: Maggie

The day after Eleanor’s party, we took our second annual trip to Disneyland! We realize that after baby number 2 arrives we won’t be doing Disneyland for her birthday anymore. We’ll have to choose a different time of the year to do an annual family trip, since it’s so crazy expensive to go more than once a year.

We got there earlier than we did last year so we had more time to see more of the park.

Despite this face, she did such a good job waiting in lines this year! At this age, a year makes such a difference, we were so proud! Last year she was whining, and climbing all over the place. It was sooooo hard to get her to just stay with us while we waited. This year she did so much better. Very little complaining, very little trying to escape! But still plenty of chatting with everyone around us. I don’t know where this kid came from, neither Josh or I are a quarter as social as she is!

We visited Pixie Hollow again this year. It was her favorite part of the day last time so we were sure to visit again. It did not disappoint. She had a great time chatting with Silvermist.

And we happened to come right at the Fairy shift change so we got to visit with Terrence (Tinkerbell’s best friend) as well.

And of course we got to see Tinkerbell too!

Eleanor didn’t want to let her go. All the Fairies thought she was pretty hilarious, talking a mile a minute and asking if she could have some Pixie dust too, and asking if Tink would come and visit her at home.

We also got to visit my favorite, It’s a Small World, decorated holiday-style!

This year we visited with the Princesses too! We skipped this last year, but she loves meeting the Fairies so much that we were sure to let her meet the Princesses this year. But, the lines were so long (we waited a little over an hour) that she was kind of rushed from Princess to Princess. Instead of having time to chat with the Princesses, she just got a quick photo opp.  It wasn’t nearly as fun!

We headed to New Orleans Square for the evening, where we rode Pirates of the Caribbean and got some Vegetarian Gumbo for dinner!

It was dark (and freezing) by the time we had dinner, so we just caught two more rides and got some night shots of Sleeping Beauty’s castle and Main Street.

Luckily, I also found a nice Mom to take our photo after I offered to grab one of her with her family. That’s the key to getting someone to take your photo for you. I always stop when I see a mom taking a photo of Dad and the kids and offer to take a photo of the whole family. I definitely know what it’s like to have photos of everyone but me!

And that was our long exhausting day! We actually left much earlier than last year, 8:30 rather than 11:30, which was fine because we were all exhausted! Especially pregnant me! I am surprised that I made it the whole day. I was soooo tired and my feet and back were killing me!

But we had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go back, after I get this baby out of me!

One more birthday celebration to go!

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  1. kaci 

    AWWWWW ! i like thepic where she meets terrance !

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