Christmas Eve 2011

Posted by: Maggie

I swear I’m going to get all my holiday posts up before January is over! I’m working on it!

Christmas Eve was about the same as usual. We went to my Dad’s place where he had all the extended family over. Baby Jack, as Eleanor always calls him, not just Jack, always Baby Jack, seemed a little overwhelmed by all the people and things to look at.

In the middle of dinner we were surprised by the choir from a local high school. My aunt had hired them to come and sing some carols for us. They were actually pretty good. It was kinda cool!

The extended family took off after dinner and our white elephant gift exchange. Once everyone had gone we opened our gifts. My brothers got their usual matching shirts, which is always pretty funny when we get to the third brother opening the same thing. I wonder what it will be!

Maria and I also got some matching t-shirts too.

Even Baby Jack opened some gifts. He was pretty excited about the wrapping paper.

It had gotten pretty late by the time we were done, and Eleanor passed out before we left. We got her home and straight into bed. And even though she was asleep I still managed to remember to put out some milk and cookies for Santa!

Christmas morning will be up tomorrow (probably)!

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