Christmas Morning 2011

Posted by: Maggie

NOTE: It’s the last day of January so I better get these Christmas posts done already! I’m going to stop writing about how terrible I am at blogging while pregnant and just let you all complain about me yourselves. Please do, I deserve it, I am a terrible bogger!

Christmas morning Eleanor woke us up excited to find that Santa had indeed come just like we said he would, and had even eaten the cookies and drank the milk we left out for him! Eleanor very impatiently waited for Josh and I to clean ourselves up a bit, and get my camera ready, before ripping into her gifts.

We didn’t go crazy this year. She barely plays with most of the toys she already has, preferring instead to build castles out of pillows and blankets and couch cushions. So we just got her a few things we thought she would like. Including a box of legos, which I’ve seen her have fun with at school. Unfortunately, she has barely played with them at all at home.

We also got her talking Ferb & Perry dolls (from her current favorite Disney show Phineas & Ferb). We had bought her a Phineas doll at Disneyland as her one souvenir she was allowed, and since then she had complained that she did not have a Ferb or Perry to go with it.

She got some cute pink kids headphones, because she sometimes wants to sit and watch a show on one of our iphones instead of on the tv, and we thought it would be nice if we didn’t have to listen to what she was watching.

She was pretty amazed by them.

And lastly, Santa brought her, the thing she had been telling us Santa was going to bring her,  a DINOSAUR! That is almost as big as she is. It’s pretty cool. Or at least Josh and I think so. Unfortunately, she explained to us, Santa got it wrong! He was supposed to bring her a REAL dinosaur that would crush our house!

Since we’re poor, Josh and I limited our gifts to each other to $30.

I got him this super nifty little wooden earbud holder from the etsy shop Acoustic Design so that his cords don’t get all tangled in his bag while he’s not using them. He got me a 2 year subscription to Vanity Fair! Sorry no photos of me. The ones Josh took were a little too blurry to use.

After present opening we had a special Christmas breakfast of cinnamon buns and chai tea! Delicious!

Christmas dinner with the family up later today!

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