George’s Two Month Stats

Posted by: Maggie

I neglected to mention in yesterday’s George’s Second Month post that George had his two month check-up and I know that you Mommy’s of babies love to hear baby stats. George is now 23 3/4″ long and weighs 10lb 11oz. That puts him in the 50th percentile for height and 25th for weight. He’s grown four inches since birth and gained 3lbs 4oz. Can you imagine growing 4 inches in just two months?! Babies are amazing!

The doctor said George is looking great, and growing really well. George had his two month vaccinations at this visit. The poor baby looked so shocked when he got his first shot and then cried his loudest angriest cry, but wasn’t too difficult to calm down. When Eleanor had her first shots she barely cried, but was cranky for the next day or two afterwards. George didn’t have any crankiness, but he ran a low fever that night. I’m sure he must have been uncomfortable, but he didn’t really show it. He was in his usual pleasant mood. Such a sweet baby!


  1. oh my word … you can just SEE the little boy he’s going to become any day now!

  2. Kristy 

    What a sweet and alert little guy! 4 inches in 2 months? That is insane! Our kids only grow an inch a month. You must be feeding him some good milk! Way to go mama!

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