Here’s to 8 Years!

Posted by: Maggie

Well baby, today is our eighth wedding anniversary and we’re still driving each other crazy leaving the trash can full to overflowing (me) and leaving dirty clothes on the bathroom floor (you). Luckily, we each do enough for each other to outweigh the little annoyances. Like how you’re the best Daddy ever with all the diaper changes for George and the hours of playing with Eleanor. And I…well, I’m sure I do something useful around here. Despite our good qualities, I’m pretty sure there is no other person who would put up with either of us, so I think we’re in it for the long haul. We really don’t have any other options! So, see you on the couch in 60 years!

Love you more than ice cream (and that’s saying something)!

image from my maternity session with Modern Love Photography

Here’s a little anniversary walk down memory lane:

Our Fifth Anniversary

Our Sixth Anniversary

Our Seventh Anniversary


  1. Josh 

    Yay love! Thanks for being the best mommy and wife ever! Re: things you do — how about keeping my babies alive during daylight hours? Pretty good I say.

    I love you!

  2. You guys are adorable. Happy anniversary!

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