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Our Summer Bucket List 2012

Posted by: Maggie

We’re in! The Keegan Gross family has joined the Happy Family Movement’s Summer Bucket List Challenge. This year we’re going to do all the things we think about doing every summer, but never actually get around to doing!

AND, of course, we’re going to post all of our summer adventures! As we complete each item from our list the item will become a link to the post about it. Here’s what we’ll be up to this summer:

It’s going to be the best summer ever! Click the badge below to join the challenge! And comment below letting me know you’re in!

Happy Birthday Jack!

Posted by: Maggie

Happy Birthday to my adorable nephew Jack! He is one year old today! It’s been an incredible year watching him grow and watching my sister and brother-in-law grow as parents. Congratulations Mommy and Daddy! You survived the first year, and are doing a fantastic job with your sweet little boy! It only gets better after this (not easier though)!

Here are some of my favorites from Jack’s first year of portraits:


(see more HERE and HERE)

Three Months Old:

(see more HERE)

Six Months Old:

(see more HERE)

Nine Months Old:

(see more HERE)

I love you Jack! I can’t wait to shoot your birthday portraits!

Our New Family Portraits

Posted by: Maggie

Because I couldn’t shoot them myself when I did the rest of George’s newborn portraits, my friend Becca of Becca Rillo Photography was kind enough (and patient enough) to come over on George’s 12th day to shoot some family portraits for us. I always try to shoot newborns in their first 10 days, because I know that after that it will be difficult to get them to stay asleep and calm through a photo session. But of course, I am a terrible client, and I waited a little too late to schedule the shoot.

George did not want to cooperate for most of the shoot. He didn’t sleep and cried a lot, so we spent much of the session trying to keep him calm. Despite that Becca did an amazing job! I love the images she captured and I’m so grateful for her talent and friendship!

Here are some of my favorite images:

Thank you again Becca!

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