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An Ode to Brian

Posted by: Josh

Today is Brian’s birthday. Brian is a fancy man who happens to be taller than you. Also, he’s my friend. I won’t bore you with all the boring details of our boring exploits in high school and what have you after that, assuming we are both still alive right now, but you should know that Brian is like me, except he doesn’t like Dr. Pepper, and one time I’m pretty sure I saw him enjoy the company of a cat. The good news is that he has had a beard for longer than I have had a face, and that’s something a man can respect. And even though he now has power over the lives of college-age kids somewhere in Texas, he still finds the time to throw me crumbs from atop his ivory tower (painted up like a football field) upon which he strides with legs like circus tent poles.

To Brian, who wins at staying alive for thirty years today! Enjoy the victory my friend, because tomorrow is going to be a lot like yesterday. Mwa!

Brian looking left.

Brian looking down.

Bubbles, Turkeys and Spiders

Posted by: Josh

Now that I’m a fancy douchebag with an iPhone, I can take videos of Eleanor on the fly. And thank god, really, because writing posts once every six months was starting to wear me down. I present: Eleanor’s original song (so far as we can tell). If you happen to recognize any part of this ditty, please let us know. We are intrigued.

Back to School Night

Posted by: Josh

Last week was Back-to-School Night at Eleanor’s preschool. You didn’t know preschools had them, but now you do.

Part of Eleanor’s program is that her teacher helps the kids to keep “journals” to track their progress. Basically, the teacher asks the kids to draw whatever they want, and then to describe their pictures. Here’s our favorite journal entry:

These are Eleanor’s snakes.

Aren’t they awesome? We were really impressed. They are very clearly snakes, you guys. So good!

Other projects include painting with pasta (still not entirely sure what that means, but it apparently it happens). Here Eleanor depicts the aftermath of the Mississippi overflowing:

Pasta painting explained (I still don’t get it, but it looks delicious).

And of course, a face gluing. I think this is supposed to be me, during my peacock phase a couple months ago.

So preschool gets a pass, as they convinced us that they aren’t torturing our daughter and that she is actually having a pretty entertaining and edu-ma-cational time. We already knew that of course, by the way that Eleanor frequently throws a fit and refuses to leave school at pick-up time. We really like Eleanor’s teachers, and the way they refer to the kids as “friends” (it took us a little while to figure out they were talking about one of the kids when they were telling us a story about the lunch one of their “friends” was eating the other day). And it was revealed that it was in fact her teachers that were slipping Eleanor gummies! Busted! They were pretty proud of Eleanor for covering for them though, and it seemed like a bonding moment for teacher and “friend.”

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