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Mother’s Day 2011

Posted by: Maggie

I can’t believe I’m posting about this a month after it happened, especially since there’s not much to post about! We kept Mother’s Day super simple this year. I had originally planned for Josh to take me out to brunch somewhere pretty and then go somewhere fun. But as the day got closer, I realized that I was just too exhausted to go anywhere. So Josh planned a lovely brunch at home. I drank grapefruit juice mimosas while he worked in the kitchen making me some yummy rosemary potatoes and the most amazing strawberry crepes with homemade whipped cream. They were seriously incredible. I wish he would make them every weekend.

After brunch Josh took Eleanor out for a while so I could relax with some peace and quiet watching Friday Night Lights on Hulu and getting a little work done. And then I decided to spend the rest of my day cleaning out my closet. Seriously. I really wanted to do it, and had been meaning to for a while. So, since it was my day to do what I want, I cleaned. I know, I have a problem.

I’m going to be an Aunt!
And I’ve got the baby shower photos to prove it!

Posted by: Maggie

My big sister, Maria, is due any day now! Her baby boy will be the second Grandbaby in the family. Eleanor is thrilled to get to be a big cousin, and I am way too excited to have a new baby in the family! Seriously, seriously excited. I love babies! Eleanor is just way too big now. I will be making myself available to take care of the baby any time they want to get some rest!

Because Maria & Christian are so popular they had a total of five baby showers! Crazy! I was at two of them. One, thrown by our dad and step-mom, was a more traditional shower with blue booty decorations, cake, and gift opening.

The second was thrown by myself, our mom, and Maria’s friends Ariel, DaBin, and Mary! Thanks ladies! This one was more of an evening cocktail party that Christian could enjoy (he’s not a fan of traditional showers). It was baseball themed and I set up a photo booth for the guests!

You can see more photos in my post at Maggie Keegan Gross Photography!

And the Maternity Portraits will be coming soon! They are pretty amazing! I can’t wait to show you!

Josh’s 30th Birthday

Posted by: Maggie

Josh is not a fan of parties or crowds or small talk or being the center of attention. So for his birthday he wanted to keep it simple: a day with his family, and two dinners out, one with my family and one with his. His sister wanted to throw him a surprise party. Thank goodness he has a wife who knows that he would hate that! Thanks for the thought though Beth!

On the actual day of his birthday, we both skipped work and Eleanor was home from school. We started the day with a little hike. You’ve seen some of the photos already in Josh’s birthday post, but I’ve added a few you didn’t see.

We found a caterpillar on our way home and helped it to get across the street and into some bushes.

Then we headed to lunch and a movie (Rio was great, we recommend it, Eleanor loved it). After the movie we stopped at the Apple store to pick up Josh’s birthday present. I didn’t want to buy him the wrong thing so I let him pick it out. He got that fancy Magic Mouse. Which was greatly needed since his mouse just died on him.

After shopping we came home for a nap for Eleanor and some light cleaning for us. I know, cleaning on the poor man’s birthday! Terrible! But his dad and step-mom were coming over to babysit and I just think it’s rude to have a messy house when you have guests.

We went out to a nice little dinner at a local Italian place where we had wine and lasagna and decided it was finally time to start trying for baby number two. We sobered up (we are such lightweights these days) across the street over coffee and desserts at Starbucks. Then brought a mini cupcake home to share with Eleanor.

I think it was a lovely way to spend a 30th birthday.

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