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Holiday Pre-Partying

Posted by: Maggie

Last Sunday night we had Andrew & Amy and Betsy over for a holiday movie and baking party. The whole thing was Andrew’s idea, by the way, and thank you Andrew! It was a great idea! We all had so much fun. This is one of my favorite parts of the holidays, getting to spend time with our closest friends.

I wanted to bake my favorite holiday cookie, chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies, but the dough needs to be refrigerated for several hours before baking so I spent the morning making all of the dough so that once the guests arrived all we would have to do was to roll it into balls and roll them in sugar before putting them in the oven.

Here are my ingredients. I actually make this cookie from scratch, and real scratch, not my new ” from scratch.”

Of course I didn’t actually take any pictures of the party itself, because as I’ve said I tend to forget about my camera when I’m hosting a party. And to be honest I was pretty drunk through the entire party. I hadn’t eaten much that day, so all it really took was a glass of wine just after Andrew and Amy arrived.

At some point I had a second glass of wine and then while Amy, Josh and Besty watched Love, Actually (such a great holiday movie, always makes me cry) Andrew and I worked on the cookies and some very very boozy eggnog that he had made himself. It was actually really good eggnog with tons of Brandy. So I was pretty good and drunk through the entire party. We had a great time just talking and laughing and occasionally watching parts of the movie. I spent half of the night just listening to Betsy and Andrew talk which was so much fun for me. It felt just like old times when the three of us were best friends in high school spending every Friday night watching movies at Betsy’s house. Oh, the good old days!

Anyway, it was a fun little party and luckily Amy was there with her camera. Here is the link to the photos she put up in her SmugMug gallery. If she posts about it herself later, I’ll update this post with a link.

Update: Here’s the link to Amy’s post about the party!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted by: Maggie

Eight Crazy Nights!

Posted by: Maggie

Yikes, it was a busy weekend. We threw a Hanukkah dinner party for Josh’s family and a holiday party for a few friends, so I’m a little behind on my posting. Sorry!

Here is the belated Hanukkah post, and our house tour will be tomorrow or Wednesday.

December is a present bonanza in our house. First is Eleanor’s birthday then Hanukkah, then Christmas. We decided to do the one present on each night of Hanukkah thing, and just do very small stuff, but I think we’ve changed our minds. Even though it’s small stuff, eight gifts on top of her birthday and Christmas, especially with all the gifts she gets from friends and family, is just too much stuff. So we’re thinking maybe next year we’ll do just a gift on the first night and a gift on the last, or just one on the last night. We’ll see.

But this year it was eight nights and eight gifts.

Night One

For those of you who aren’t of the Jewish persuasion or aren’t Jew-obsessed like me, you can find an explanation of Hanukkah, the candles, and what that extra candle in the middle is doing there, here.

baby doll

Night Two

sparkle shoes

Night Three


Night Four


Night Five

Crayola Color Wonder Toy Story Coloring Book

Night Six

unicorn tshirt & pants

Night Seven

red socks

Night Eight – A Hanukkah Dinner Party with the Gross Family

All sorts of presents – including a cookie monster toothbrush from us (not pictured)

p.s. This gorgeous dress and sparkle headband arrived as a birthday gift from my dear friend Megan who has the best fashion sense of anyone I know. Thanks Megan! You are the best! You can all look forward to some better photos of the dress next week. She’ll be wearing it to Christmas or Christmas Eve celebrations.

Happy Hanukkah everybody!

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