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To Momma, on a Mother’s Day in 2011

Posted by: Josh

To my baby’s momma, on Mother’s Day, an ode to your motherfulness.

Thank you for being the fantastical momma that you are. You are the engine that makes our family GO, even when you have to drag us behind you like broken-down trailers. You are our fearless leader, and we will follow you wherever you think we should go, unless we are feeling very tired and then maybe we’ll just sit on the couch for a little while. But you will be there too, and I will have your baby get your booties because your feet are probably cold. Also, ice cream? Because even if your feet are cold, ice cream is a good idea.

So today is your day, to do mommy things, or to more likely not, depending on you how feel. Maybe Mother’s Day really means No Mothers Day, because the mommas can all disappear from mothering, and we should all remember how nice it was to have a momma to momma us, and we will write poems, make brunches, draw cards to convince them to come back for another year. And in the meantime, you can just be a Person, who may or may not continue to momma this family, depending on the quality and quantity of our toadying and the majesty of our tribute, and you can just chill, and watch some Weeds or 30 Rock or something, or maybe just banish your subjects from sight because those guys are like ALWAYS here doing stuff and it gets old. So old.

But hopefully we can show you that sticking around for another year really is a terrific idea, or that at least you’ll break-even, because look at all the hilarious stuff we can do!, and you wouldn’t need to find any packing boxes. And also I made you this food! Yum!

Now, we put our heads together and made a list of your finest qualities, all of which we’ve witnessed in person, so the people can believe that they are bona fide, but I left it with your daughter and now suddenly as if by magic it is disappeared and while I don’t believe her story that the shadows on the sun took it and then gave it to the bubbles bubbles bubbles with the spider and now its in the tree on her wall (with the pink owl) and we can’t get it anymore, I haven’t pressed her. But because I am all grown up and have lived with you for like a long time now, I can still remember most of them, some being 1. you are the sweetest 2. the most positive 3. the most reasonable 4. most smartest and 5. most loving momma in our family. So thanks for that. “Daddy, say ‘Good Job!’” she says to me. To say to you.

Good Job!

Happy Mother’s Day!

And we love you.

Passover 2011

Posted by: Maggie

Passover is probably my second favorite holiday of the year (Thanksgiving is first). I am a big fan of tradition and ceremony. I was raised Catholic after all. There aren’t many holidays that are as traditional and ceremonious as Passover. And I love a good story. You can hardly find a better story than the Passover story: Moses, The Plagues, Exodus from Egypt into freedom, the parting of the Red Sea. It’s pretty amazing!

Last Monday we went to Josh’s Aunt’s house for the annual family Seder.

I know that many people aren’t very familiar with Jewish holidays. When we went to Disneyland for Eleanor’s birthday in December we overheard a tour guide explaining Hanukkah to the crowd as if it was some exotic foreign holiday. It was pretty funny. We assumed the tour was full of Midwesterners who had only seen Jews on tv.

If you don’t know what a Seder is, please read about it, this Wikipedia Article on Passover Seders gives a really good explanation.

Don’t worry! We didn’t give her any wine! That’s white grape juice she’s drinking.

Eleanor is excited to be the only small kid in the family. She get’s the find the Afikomen the every year. The Afikomen is the half-piece of matzo which is broken at the start of the Seder and then hid for the children to find. The meal doesn’t end until it is found and traded back to the adults. It’s usually traded for money or a small gift. This year Eleanor got Seder plate fridge magnets.

I’ve decided that we’ll do our own, more casual, Seder next year! I just love Passover, one Seder a year is not enough!

A Sick Kid and a Living Room Campout

Posted by: Maggie

We had plans to go out to dinner with my mom, step-dad, and siblings in Chinatown to celebrate my birthday on the Saturday following my birthday. We had gotten ready to go out, we just had to change what Eleanor was wearing.

She had just gotten up from a late nap and was lying on our bed while we got ready. Josh had said that she felt a little warm and seemed like she didn’t feel well when she woke up. But we were concerned about getting out of the house on time that we didn’t really think about it.

I laid down next to her to see how she was and ask her to get changed so we could leave. She sat up, made a sad face, and then starting vomiting! On our bed! Yikes! The poor girl! After she was done, she still wanted to go out to dinner and was pretty disappointed when we told her that we had to stay home because she was sick.

After we had changed her out of her vomit clothes and cleaned up the bed, and put the bedspread and everything into the washing machine, I finally remembered to call my mom and tell her we weren’t going to dinner. But by the time I called, everyone was on their way downtown. So, they had a delicious dinner in honor of my birthday, while Josh and I stayed home taking care of a kid who was throwing up every 45 minutes or so. Happy birthday to me!

We did have a fun evening though, camping in the living room. I didn’t want to leave my poor sick girl all alone in her room and I really didn’t want anymore vomit in our bed, so I decided that we would all sleep together in the living room. I put down a bunch of blankets for us and brought our pillows out and let Eleanor stay up late watching Princess and the Frog.

photo taken with my iphone, processed with the Hipstamatic App

photo taken with my iphone, processed with the Hipstamatic App

She pretty much thought it was the most fun thing we ever did and now asks if we can campout in the living room every night!

p.s. She stopped throwing up by bedtime was pretty much fine by the middle of the next day. Weird 24 hour flu or maybe food poisoning.

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