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Happy Birthday Grandpa Keegan!

Posted by: Maggie

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy! We celebrated last Saturday night with a bowling party. Eleanor loved seeing her Grandpa Keegan and Grandma Leila, and her Aunt and Uncles, as well as my Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Nick. Eleanor did not love being kept from running free. We spent most of the evening keeping her off of the lanes.

Vegas Baby!
Beth and Jenny get Married!

Posted by: Maggie

3/10 UPDATE: You can see more wedding photos here and here.

Valentine’s Day weekend I had to take a break from studying so that we could drive to Vegas for Josh’s sister Beth’s wedding. Josh was the best man, Eleanor was the flower girl, and I was the flower girl wrangler. It was a pretty miserable trip aside from the wedding. Sorry no pictures of my own, things were a little too hectic to stop for photo ops. But don’t worry there will be links to the wedding photographer’s photos.

We drove there on Saturday, leaving a little before lunch and nap time, hoping that after we stopped to eat Eleanor would take a nice long nap while we drove. She doesn’t like to be in the car very long and it took us about six hours with stops to get to there and she only took one 45 minute nap during the entire ride. We spent much of the drive singing and reading to her and plying her with crackers and cheerios to keep her calm. Once we arrived it took way too long to check into our hotel. By the time we did we were all exhausted and had missed the rehearsal dinner. We grabbed a quick dinner and went to bed early. Thankfully, Eleanor has been pretty good about sleeping in hotel cribs in the same room with us.

We got up Sunday morning, the day of the wedding, and drove to the venue for the rehearsal. Eleanor was happy to see all of the friends and family and get to run around the venue. Then we went to my mom’s hotel room (Beth and Jenny think my mom is great and invited her even though she isn’t technically their family) to have lunch and give Eleanor a nap. We had already checked out of our hotel since we were planning to drive back right after the wedding.

After some lunch and a nap we all got dressed and headed over early for wedding party photos. This went mostly okay, but Eleanor was a little crabby. I foolishly didn’t bring an extra pair of shoes to wear before the wedding, so I spent the afternoon chasing her around in the three-inch heels, which I ordinarily call my sit-down shoes.

You can see the group photos here. Our friend Amy was the photographer.

Eleanor did okay walking down the aisle. The plan was to let her walk ahead of me and I would follow her. Josh would already be at the end of the aisle so I was going to try to have her walk to him, but she was so excited as we got ready to go that I decided I had better just hold her hand and walk with her, mostly to avoid having to run after her in my heels. It went alright. She fell and dropped her basket once halfway down the aisle, but recovered gracefully with my help and made it the rest of the way without incident.  Here are the ceremony pictures.

We made it down the aisle and watched the brides being walked down by their fathers. Just as the ceremony began, Eleanor decided that she didn’t want to sit still or quietly. So I had to take her out of the room and missed the entire ceremony. This is one of those most unfortunate aspects of having very small children, you end up missing the good stuff. I hear it was very nice. It was a Jewish ceremony and Beth got to step on a glass with her heels which took a few tries to break. I would have liked to have seen that. Meanwhile Eleanor had fun out in the hallway following another toddler around who also did not want to sit still. He was so cute, but had no interest in Eleanor who was obsessed with him. More boy trouble.

After the wedding, we changed out of our dress clothes and into more comfortable driving clothes, which was PJs for Eleanor. It was just about Eleanor’s bedtime so we hoped that she would sleep through the drive home so that we wouldn’t have a repeat of the drive up.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out as we planned. She slept almost the whole drive home, which should have been about a four hour drive since we weren’t planning to stop at all and there was no traffic. But she woke up when we were about an hour and a half from home and freaked out. I think that she woke up horrified that she was still in the car. She was crying hysterically. I thought she was going to hyperventilate. We got off of the freeway and pulled into the parking lot of a fast food place and got Eleanor out of her carseat. It was freezing out so I brought her into the front seat with us to try to calm her down, but she was inconsolable. She wanted out of the car now! We put her shoes and a sweater on a let her out in the parking lot, but it was so cold she was shivering, although happy to be out of the car. We decided to go into the restaurant and let her run around, but when we got to the door it was locked. They were closed. We saw some more restaurants on the other side of the freeway so we decided to drive over and find one that was still open. Eleanor screamed when we put back in the car the whole way over. Luckily, there was a Denny’s so we knew they would be open. Eleanor was so happy to get out of the car again and get to run around the restaurant and climb in our booth and onto the table. We ordered some toast and applesauce which she ate happily. After about an hour she felt better and we decided we could get back into the car. I think telling her that we were going home now helped her to stay calm. She fell back to sleep pretty quickly once we got back on the road and was okay the rest of the ride home.

We got home around one in the morning. Aside from some crankiness, we didn’t have much trouble getting Eleanor back to bed and we were so happy to be back in our own bed.

It was not a great weekend in the car with Eleanor, but we were so happy to be there for Beth and Jenny. We love them and are so proud of them. We have hope that their marriage will remain legal.

On that note, the California Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on the Prop 8 case this morning. And we hope that the Prop 8 opponents will be successful and that Ken Starr, Dean of my law school who is representing the Prop 8 proponents, will fail miserably. My law school continues to outrage and embarrass me. You can watch the oral arguments here.

Maggie’s 27th Birthday!

Posted by: Maggie

My birthday was the 5th of February. I still haven’t really celebrated yet. I have been too busy studying. I did have a decent day though. First thing in the morning, while I was feeding Eleanor her breakfast an awesome birthday package arrived from my friend Lauren.

The bacon mints actually were not as bad as I thought they would be. They mostly taste minty with a slight bacony aftertaste (don’t worry they’re vegetarian). And later that day when I checked her blog I found this. A whole blog post just for me. What a good friend she is! She totally made my day! Thank you so much Lauren!

My mom came by early (she would usually come over in the afternoon after Eleanor took a nap) and brought me lunch. Then I studied, as usual, all afternoon.

But it was a nice day to be studying because it was raining out.

I love the rain (when I’m indoors) and it doesn’t make me want to be out doing something besides studying, so it kept me focused.

I decided to at least skip class that evening and listen to the lecture online later. I did study most of the evening anyway, but at least I didn’t have to go out in the rain and I did get to watch the Office with Josh.  Overall it was a fine birthday nothing special. I still haven’t celebrated my birthday yet with friends or family, or even really with Josh yet, but I did get some phone calls and emails so that was nice. And maybe now that I’m done studying someone will plan something.

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