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A Song for Saturday: It’s My Birthday!

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor’s Second Big Road Trip Part One

Posted by: Maggie

A few weeks ago we took Eleanor on the second big road trip of her life, to Sacramento for Josh’s cousin Courtney’s wedding. Her first big trip was her Aunts Beth & Jenny’s wedding in Las Vegas when she was about 14 months. That trip did not go so great. Eleanor was not and is still not a fan of long car rides. She hates being in the car for very long and starts getting very cranky on rides that are more than 30 minutes. So we did not have great hopes for this six hour car ride.

I decided that it would be best if we split up the ride up into two parts. Beth and Jenny were riding with us and were kind enough to accommodate Eleanor. Beth brought her portable DVD player, it was a lifesaver! I’m sure we wouldn’t have made it without it. The wedding was Saturday afternoon so after dinner on Friday we drove half way up and spent the night in Fresno. Eleanor was so excited about getting to stay in a “showtel” (doesn’t that sound so much more exciting than “hotel!”)

The first half of the trip went very well! Eleanor was entertained by her aunts and the DVD player. She was very good that night. She slept just fine in bed with us. In the morning we had another few hour drive to Sacramento, which went very well.  We checked into our hotel, which was at the wedding venue. It was a very cute Victorian home, turned Inn. We had the penthouse suite for the five of us. It was just lovely, the room had two couches, a full size dining table,  a queen size bed, a large bathroom, and in a small attached room, a second queen and a walk-in closet.  It was about as big as our apartment! Fun! For some reason I didn’t get any photos.

I also didn’t get any good photos of the wedding! Oops! But we had a great time! Eleanor found a little playmate that she spent the night running around and dancing with! It was adorable! And the wedding was beautiful! Congrats Courtney and Josh (her Josh not mine)! We had a great time! We love you!

Holiday Baking Party 2010

Posted by: Maggie

We decided to continue the tradition we started last year, of having a holiday baking party with our best friends Amy & Andrew and Betsy & Justin (Justin wasn’t able to attend last year or this year, but I have faith that he’ll show up one of these years). Just some laughs, food, drinks and baking my favorite holiday cookie-chewy chocolate gingerbread!

I made us cider smashes! My new favorite Bourbon drink! It’s bourbon, sparkling cider and fresh lemon juice-very tasty! And oh so pretty with a slice of apple for garnish!

It was switched from a late night to dinner time party semi-last minute so we opted for some yummy frozen pizzas!

Betsy brought a crudité platter and Amy & Andrew brought a big salad!

I realize that I didn’t get any pictures of Josh or of Betsy. Sorry guys! I think I was a tad too tipsy to remember to take very many photos and apparently to get my camera settings right. All of my photos ended up a little blurred. Ooops!

Thanks for coming friends! I had a great time!