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Fabulous Friday: Summer Bucket List – Make Popsicles

Posted by: Maggie

We’ve been buying popsicles as an after school treat for Eleanor for the last year or so. I’ve been planning to find a mold and make my own for at least that long, but never got around to it…until a few weeks ago I found a mold at Buy Buy Baby while shopping for some baby stuff. I can’t find a link to the exact product, but look for the ones with the straws if you can. Eleanor loves that as her popsicle melts while she’s eating it she can drink the juice out of the handle. Brilliant!

Now, we’re saving money and having healthier popsicles, since we’re making them from organic juices from Trader Joes. We usually just use a single organic 100% fruit juice to make them, but I decided to get a little fancy this week and had Josh pick up three different flavor lemonades, regular, strawberry, and mango. I just did one layer at a time and let each freeze before adding the next (with the stick in, it’ll slide out and back into the first two layers pretty easily.

So delicious and summery! Now you go make some popsicles! If you don’t have a mold I just picked up some more from the Target Dollar bins! Go, pick some up, get some delicious juice and get to popsicle making! Yay summer! Yay popsicles!

Cranky Cooking: Breakfast Yogurt with Berries & Granola

Posted by: Maggie

This is perfect for a warm summer morning. I started eating this sometime last summer I think when my friend Kristy suggested it in a comment to a post where I mentioned that I’m not a fan of breakfast foods, but know that I need to eat breakfast to stay healthy and lose weight. This recipe is super delicious and super healthy.

It’s just Greek Yogurt topped with Berries and Granola. I start with a low fat plain greek yogurt, it’s pretty low in sugar and very high in protein. Perfect for a healthy breakfast. Then I top it with mixed berries. Here’s the crucial step though. You need to use frozen mixed berries and defrost them in the microwave at half power. This warms them just a little and creates all this delicious berry juice that turns your plain yogurt into berry yogurt. So good! Then for some crunch and a little fiber top it with just a little granola. I like Trader Joe’s Low Fat Granola Cereal with Almond.

Try it! You won’t be sorry!

My Favorite Posts of the Month – July 2011

Posted by: Maggie

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