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Cranky Cooking: Pumpkin Muffins

Posted by: Maggie

Welcome to the first ever edition of Cranky Cooking. I’m not a food blogger. I don’t blog about the stuff I cook ever. Not that I have anything against it. I read and enjoy several food blogs. It’s just not my thing. However, lately, I guess because it’s fall and getting close to the holidays, I’ve been hearing a lot more about what other people are eating and cooking. This has me thinking a little more about what I cook and eat and when I’m thinking about something I want to write about it, you know, because I just love to share. So I decided to make this cooking week at Cranky. Perfect for Thanksgiving, right?

So…I cook. I prepare two to three meals every day. That’s every. single. day. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. Josh makes breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and makes lunch and dinner on the weekends about half the time. He also packs lunches for all of us about a quarter of the time I think. We very rarely eat out. Maybe one meal every other weekend.

Anyway, I cook a lot. I don’t particularly love cooking. I don’t hate it. Sometimes I really enjoy it, most of the time I just find it to be a tedious daily task. But I do love to eat! I love food and I think I’m a pretty good cook so I enjoy eating the food I make. Now I’m not a creative chef, but I can follow a recipe.

Which brings me to today’s recipe (finally, right?)! I was feeling the pull of fall a few weeks back and I love pumpkin anything so I decided to make a new pumpkin recipe. I found this recipe on Martha Stewart, for Pumpkin Muffins.  The thing is, I can’t bake. I think with baking you have to be more exact. You have to know your oven, whether it gets to hot or not hot enough, and be able to judge baking time. I suck at all that. And yet, this time of the year I still try. So I think I should get some credit for the effort. I am not a quitter!

You can find the recipe from the link above. They were pretty tasty, but I baked them too long so they ended being too dry. Oh well. Anyways here’s some fun baking photos:

More cooking tomorrow!

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