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Cranky Living: Get Your Hair Done

Posted by: Maggie

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If you’ve been reading Cranky awhile you know that I’m a big advocate of taking care of yourself. As women, especially mothers and wives we use the excuse of taking care of our kids, husbands, homes, and jobs to neglect ourselves. But we’ve all heard the saying, “If Mama isn’t happy, no one is!” So I do my best to take care of myself and I encourage all you ladies out there to do the same.

One of my very favorite things to do for myself is to have my hair done. It’s such a simple pleasure. It always gives me a little boost of self-confidence. My stylist, Stacy, and I went to high school together and she’s been doing my hair since a few years after we graduated. I love to get to see her and talk about our kids and husbands and whatever else is going on with us. It’s like having coffee with a friend, except I look fabulous when I leave!

My last two styles:

I went for the side bangs for a summery look, but I got sick of them hanging in my face, so I just switched back to my signature bangs. Much better now! Ignore that the first is while shopping at Target and the second is in my bathroom I took them immediately after my hair appointments and that’s where I happened to be.

I highly recommend having your hair done as often as you can afford it! It’s fun and relaxing and you look better for having done it! Here’s some tips for enjoying your salon experience.

5 Tips for a Great Salon Day

1. Schedule your hair appointment on a work day. Don’t use your family time unless you have to! Taking a break from work makes it feel like such a luxurious treat! (And if you’re a SAHM I’m counting the days when you are home alone with the kids as work days for you of course, and you need a break more than anyone, so get a friend or sitter to watch the kids!)

2. Grab your favorite coffee drink or other treat on your way over! You’ll be sitting reading magazines and talking for a while, why not enjoy a little treat at the same time!

3. Find a stylist you trust. Stacy is both talented and she knows me and my personal style.  I know that If I go in and tell her to do whatever she wants, I will love it! I trust her completely with my hair. And that’s a pretty big deal, because hair is sooo important!

4. Find a stylist that you enjoy talking with. Depending on what you’re doing to your hair, you’re going to be at the salon anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, so it’s important that you like your stylist and enjoy his or her company. Find someone that you can talk and laugh with and your salon experience will be so much more fun and relaxing.  I lucked out with Stacy because we were friends before she was my stylist. I love talking to her and always look forward seeing her.

5. Tell your significant other that you are having your hair done. This is soooooooo important! You know you’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t notice! So don’t set yourself up for disappointment and him for failure! Tell him ahead of time so that he is prepared to tell you how amazing you look!

That’s it! Get out there, find a stylist you love, and book yourself an appointment!

My Favorite Posts of the Month – July 2011

Posted by: Maggie

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30 by 30 – No.14 Finally Redecorate My Patio

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30 by 30 – No. 14 Finally Decorate My Patio

Posted by: Maggie

I’m doing 29 up big! I plan to accomplish a number of things, better define the kind of person that I am and want to be, and have a fun year doing it! Follow along as I check things off my 30 by 30 list!

I’m really excited about this one! I’ve been talking about decorating the patio of our various apartments for the last 6 years, ask Josh! Every time the weather heats up I talk about wanting to sit on the patio with my coffee or a cocktail and read a book. I just never could decided on the decor that I wanted and could afford. But I’ve finally done it, and on the cheap!

I’m super proud of my little space. Although, once I have money for it, I’d like to hang curtains and get a larger rug, but for now I think it’s just lovely!

1. Kid’s Plastic Adirondack Chair by Adams Mfg. from Lowes $7; 2. Throw Pillow from Target $5 on sale; 3. Fish patio lights, gift from my mom (I think she got them at Cost Plus); 4. Sage Plant from Trader Joe’s $2.50 in green metal pot from Target’s $1 section; 5. Basil Plants from Trader Joe’s $5.99 in metal ice bucket my mom loaned/gave me;  6. Rosemary Plant from Trader Joe’s $2.50 in yellow metal pot from Target’s $1 section; 7. Crate from Michael’s, I bought it a couple years ago I don’t remember how much it was; 8. Red Area Rug from Ikea, $5; 9. Marius Stool from Ikea, $6; 10. Throw Pillows from Target, $5 each; 11. Green Plastic Adirondack Chairs from Target, $17.

Grand Total $80! Awesome!

What do you think? Do you have an outdoor projects you’re working on this summer?

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