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Summer Vacation: Day One – Natural History Museum

Posted by: Maggie

WARNING: There are A LOT of photos in this post! I loved them all too much to cut it down and I can’t stand to use more than one post for a single event! Don’t worry I’ve kept the commentary to a minimum so you can just scroll through the pictures.

Our mini summer vacation started with a trip to the Natural History Museum. We were keeping Eleanor out of school that day. But, as part of their summer camp activities, they were having an animal show that morning. So we dropped her off for a couple of hours while we ran some errands and got ourselves a special vacation breakfast treat of donuts and a blended iced mocha. We got a couple of donut holes for Eleanor to eat on the way to the museum. As any child who is regularly deprived of enjoying sweets would, she loved them! And then screamed for more for about 10 minutes!

First off we visited the Pavilion of Wings, a greenhouse just outside the museum that is filled with a variety of butterfly species with caterpillars and cocoons everywhere. It was pretty neat. It will be there through the first week of September and then in the fall it will be converted to the Spider Pavilion. We’ll have to come back for that.

Eleanor was pretty excited about all the butterflies! But we had to stay on our toes to make sure she didn’t touch any of them or step on any of the ones that would land on the ground.

Then we headed into the museum.

The hall of African Mammals:

Gems and Minerals:

Fin Whale Passage:

Hey look, I was at the museum too:

The new Age of Mammals exhibit:

The Dino Lab:

You actually get to watch scientists at work! But remember DON’T TAP ON THE GLASS. Like at the zoo!

They have this cool new show, Dinosaur Encounters, with a life-sized baby tyrannosaurus. It was very cool, the actress was great.

Eleanor loved it! She cried when it ended and wanted us to go find the dinosaur for her.

The Insect Zoo:

And that was our trip to the Natural History Museum! We were there for about three hours and didn’t even see half of everything there was to see. Eleanor loved every exhibit. We definitely have to go back soon!

Tomorrow: the Aquarium of the Pacific!

Eleanor is an Insult Comic

Posted by: Josh

One of the mind-wobbling things about being a parent is getting to watch your kids’ strange personalities (and they are ALL strange) unfurl. Bill Cosby was so RIGHT, kids say some crazy shit. I’d love to have ALL of it on video, but these days, the best we can do to keep up with all of the ridiculous things that come out of Eleanor’s mouth is to record the gems on the Twitters, but honestly they’re the tip of the iceberg. A mammoth, icy block of nonsense floating around in her head that regularly gouges holes in the cruise liner of our days.

As it turns out, my baby girl is an insult comic. Yup, we got little Don Rickles laying it on us every day now. How did it come to this?

For a long time now Eleanor has been aware of the power of comedy. This should not be a surprise. The wife and I probably value humor over all other traits (which may explain why we’re always broke). So naturally, Eleanor gets the best reactions from Mommy & Daddy when she does something funny.

Unfortunately, this has recently backfired on us, as Eleanor has discovered the bluer side of comedy.

Eleanor: “You’re a poopy!” (slow grin)
Me: “What?!”
Eleanor: (maniacal laughter) “You’re a poopy poop!”

That’s right. I’ve spent literally YEARS cleaning her dirty diapers, and I’M the poopy poop. So okay, I really don’t mind being a poopy poop. In fact, I think it’s pretty hilarious that we gave birth to Triumph the insult comic dog, but not everybody finds this dialogue as charming as we do. Visions of her adolescence are starting to concern me:

Eleanor’s first boyfriend: “I.. I just wanted you to know.. I love you.”
E: “Pansy. Wanna get some ice cream?”

God, that sounds eerily familiar.

Big Happenings

Posted by: Maggie

A couple weeks back I tweeted that some big things were about to happen. Well, those things are here and I’m excited to share with you all.

First, was the launching of my photography business website. It launched on Monday and it is gorgeous, all Josh’s handiwork. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Next, I have upgraded cameras! This is a super big deal for me. The new one arrived on Monday and I love it! You’ll hear more about it in tomorrow’s Fabulous Friday post.

And now, we’re on vacation! This is the first vacation we have had in three years. Truly, we haven’t taken a day off together in all that time. So we’re doing it up on a small budget-friendly scale. We’re keeping Eleanor out of school today and tomorrow. Today we’ll hit up the Natural History Museum, tomorrow the Aquarium of the Pacific. Then Saturday is the big, big deal!

Eleanor will be having a sleepover at her Aunt MoMo and Uncle Christian’s house and Josh and I will be heading to Riverside to stay for a night at the historic Mission Inn to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. This is the first night we’ll spend without Eleanor since she was born. It’s going to be awesome!

Then maybe a beach trip on Sunday. Then Eleanor is back to school on Monday and Josh and I will be having a fun day with just the two of us. We haven’t decided what we’ll do, but maybe some Museums or something.

So excited about the next five days! We are going to have so much fun! I’ll be blogging all about it soon!