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Beach Day with Brian

Posted by: Maggie

For Brian’s last day in town we let him choose his own adventure, and much to Eleanor’s delight, he chose the beach! So we took a little drive up to Ventura for a morning with the sand and the waves.

It was foggy but warm and lovely.

Brian swam out to battle the ocean, while Eleanor and Josh ran from the waves.

After everyone had enough fun in the water we sat to warm up, dry off, snack and read.

I ended up with lovely burnt shins, just the shins, from having my sunblock washed off my legs by the ocean and then sitting and reading with my legs in the sun.

It was a lovely morning followed by some tasty Mexican food for lunch down the street from the beach.

Brian left that night after a little dinner party with my good friend and frequent Cranky commenter, Megan. Unfortunately, when I’ve got my hostess hat on, I forget my photographer duties, so I didn’t get any photos from dinner.

Brian’s visit was far too short and we, especially Eleanor, loved every minute of it. Brian was amazing with Eleanor, he actually sat and played with her, even when we told him he didn’t have to. He played along with all her games and was so patient with her. She adores him! She keeps asking when Brian is coming home, and Josh and I feel the same way. We love you Brian! Come home soon!

More from the Brian Visit: A trip to UCLA

Posted by: Maggie

Continuing Brian’s visit…after he arrived back from the wedding in San Francisco we went to visit Josh and work and give Brian a little tour of UCLA, where Josh and I went to undergrad while Brian was at school in San Diego. For some reason, he had never seen the campus and was under the impression that UCLA did not have an attractive campus. On the contrary, the UCLA campus is gorgeous! Here’s just a few shots, but you can look forward to more soon! We are planning on having new family portraits done at UCLA sometime in September.

After UCLA we had dinner with a friend of Brian and Josh’s from high school and her husband. After dinner we grabbed some cookies at Diddy Riese of course! I’m pretty sure that Diddy Riese cookies are a requirement when you visit Westwood.

The rest of Brian’s visit up later today!

Family Date Night: Santa Monica Pier Part Two

Posted by: Maggie

After hitting the carousel we headed down to the beach. Eleanor loves the beach! She goes crazy for playing in the sand, and running away from the incoming waves.

A lovely way to spend a Saturday evening!

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