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Fabulous Friday: The Boyfriend T-Shirt

Posted by: Maggie

My very favorite thing to wear lounging around the house is Josh’s old UCLA t-shirt. He’s had it since his freshman year of college, ten years ago. I think I’ve been wearing it since we started dating six years ago. It officially became mine when it became so torn up that he could no longer wear it out of the house.

Josh makes fun of me for wearing it, because it is so torn up, it’s barely a shirt anymore.

But I love it. The fabric is so thin and soft that, despite the holes,  it really is the most comfortable thing I own.

Does everybody have a great comfy boyfriend t-shirt? If not, you should think twice before you throw away your husband or boyfriends old torn up shirts, because, super, super comfy.

Fabulous Friday: Shimmery Fall Eyes

Posted by: Maggie

I pulled out my fall colored eye shadows this week. I was so excited. I’m all about great eye shadow.

I have this lovely palette of fall eye colors that I picked up last year from Bobbi Brown. Remember how I said I was a lazy shopper? Well almost all my furniture is Ikea, most of my clothes are Ann Taylor, and pretty much all of my makeup is Bobbi Brown. Maybe I’m just a brand loyalist, not a lazy shopper, that sounds better, right?

They don’t make this palette anymore, but I did find a similar one here. Or you can go here and buy the individual metallic shades in Raisin, Champagne Quartz, and Velvet Plum.

p.s. I told Josh that he should keep that picture of my eyes on his desktop at work so he would remember that I was always watching him! Hahahaha! Also, am I a great smizer or what! Hahahaha!

Fabulous Friday: 8tracks

Posted by: Maggie

I just discovered this amazing website, 8tracks, where you can create and share your own mix of songs online. I’m loving it. I’ve been having fun listening to all sorts of people’s mixes. I created my first mix yesterday inspired by my love of fall and the Santa Ana winds.

The only problem is that the mixes are streamed, radio-style because of the way they license the music, so you can’t just look through the tracks and you are limited to how many tracks you can skip at a time.

I still love it! It reminds me of making mixtapes for friends in high school. So much fun!

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