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Fabulous Friday: Teegan Photography

Posted by: Maggie

For my second Fabulous Friday (by the way, did you notice that I have a thing for alliteration) I decided to feature a friend with a business that I love: Teegan Photography. Amy, the owner and photographer, is a good friend and a great photographer.

She and her husband moved back to LA from Phoenix a little over a year ago, and I am so glad they did. They have been such good friends to us and we have had so much fun with them. I have felt incredibly lucky to have Amy and her photographic skills present at some of the important events that have occurred in our lives in the last year.

She was the photographer for Josh’s sister Beth’s wedding and she was there for Eleanor’s first birthday, and she always has her camera with her when we are just hanging out having some Menchie’s or watching a movie for New Year’s Eve.

I have also been able to use Amy for some family portraits that we did last May shortly after she and Andrew moved back from Phoenix, for some headshots for the website of my new job (you’ll have to wait until next week to see those), and we just did an amazing portrait session with her for our anniversary (you’ll also have to wait for those, but I promise they will be worth the wait, they are soooo freaking gorgeous!).

Here are some beautiful examples of Amy’s work:

Aside from the great family photos, the best thing for me about having a friend who is a photographer is that it has reminded me of how much I love photography and challenged me to pick it up again. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that when I was in high school I wanted to be a fashion photographer. Well, hearing about Amy’s work with her photography business, and reading both her professional and personal blogs has really been an inspiration for me to improve my own skills and rekindle the passion that I had for the art form.

I love that Amy and I have such different styles. For example, when I asked her permission to feature her on Fabulous Fridays and to send over some images for me to use, I looked through the portfolio on her site and chose some of my favorites in case she wanted some suggestions. I love that only one of the images she chose are what I would have chosen (and it was actually one that I did suggest, I’m not sure if she would have chosen it otherwise). I love a well designed and posed image and am a firm believer in using processing software to get the look I want from an image. And Amy has a very photojournalistic style. She is all about, as she says, “capturing the story as it happens,” and prefers to keep her processing to a minimum. This difference in styles really¬† helps me to look at her images, my own, and those of others from a different perspective.

Amy, thank you for the images above, for your friendship, and for being a constant source of inspiration!

p.s. I hope you don’t mind that I snagged your headshot from your site. I realized that this post wouldn’t be complete without it! And since you have already left for Idaho as I’m writing this…

Fabulous Friday:
I Heart Headbands!

Posted by: Maggie

For my second new feature on Making Me Cranky, I will be writing about something that I love. Whether it be a product, a small business, my newest hairstyle, or the latest dance craze, as long as it is fabulous and I love it you’ll find it here on Friday! Please feel free to email me with suggestions!

For my very first Fabulous Friday I wanted to feature something that I can’t live without lately: headbands!

Apparently, and I’m sorry to break the news to you if you haven’t already heard, but putting your hair in a pony tail is not the same as taking a shower! I know a lot of moms with young kids out there will be shocked and saddened to hear this. But despite that I have another bit of news. If you throw a cute headband on with your greasy pony tail who cares that you haven’t showered and that no one told you there is dried oatmeal on your arm! Because you look so friggin’ cute!

Here are some of my favorites from my personal collection:

And here are some I found online for those of you with some cash burning a hole in you pocket and a yearning to be too cute for words:

Starting top left going clockwise: Urban Outfitters’ Filigree Leaf Headband $18; Bethany Lorelle’s ANDI Handmade Mix Pluamge Feather Headband @ Etsy $32; Kaang Accessories’ Penelope Eye Peacock Feather Headband @ Etsy $24; Target’s Polka Dot Flower Headband in Gray $7.99

I’d love add each of these to my collection! I do have a birthday coming up in six months (hint, hint readers).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever Fabulous Friday. I can’t wait to bring you more! Remember you can email me with suggestions or if you have a product or a business that you want featured on a future Fabulous Friday!

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