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Fabulous Friday: Maternity Portraits
by Maggie Keegan Gross Photography

Posted by: Maggie

Original name huh? Well, I didn’t want to get all cutesy, and the cutesy names that I thought of and liked were taken. So, there it is, my budding photography business name. Josh is working on the website. It is looking amazing! I’m super excited about it. He’s such an artist!

So, on to building a portfolio. As I mentioned last week my wonderful friends Kristy and Andrew, allowed me to shoot some maternity portraits for them a few weekends ago. I was beyond thrilled to do it because Kristy is model beautiful and thus is perfect to have in my portfolio.

So, without further ado, on to the photos:

I don’t think that there is much in the world that is more beautiful than a big pregnant belly! I kinda wish I had one all the time.

So, the hand heart thing is cheesy right? Yeah, I think so, they think so, but you just have to do it. It’s cheesy in that good way that makes it kinda cute and funny.

I had so many laughing shots of these two. They are just too much fun!

Also so gorgeous! This next shot is one of my favorites!

Also did I mention how beautiful Kristy is!

Such a model! She is amazing!

Some more fun cheesy shots! Love the baby blocks! I thought that might be a little too cheesy, but nope! I love them! So adorable! They will definitely be making an appearance in the Newborn Portraits!

The one below is my very favorite shot:

Have I mentioned how much I love a pregnant belly?!

Okay, I seriously could not have found a more beautiful pregnant woman for my first Maternity Portraits!

Oh, and Josh and Eleanor tagged along to play on the beach while we were shooting!

Overall, I’m happy with the images and I hope Kristy and Andrew are too! I’m definitely still learning and already have ideas of how to make my next shoot better. But I’m pretty pleased with my work so far!

Kristy and Andrew, thank you so much for letting me take your portraits and for being such great models! You are going to be amazing parents! Love you guys! Can’t wait to meet (and photograph!) your little girl!

Kristy is due in a week everyone!! Wish them luck !!

I Am A Cheerleader

Posted by: Maggie

Over the last six months or so, since I started my Estate Planning practice, I’ve been thinking a lot about my strengths and weaknesses. I wanted to list them for myself so that I could figure out how best to play up my talents and compensate for my weaknesses in growing my business. This has been a surprisingly difficult task.

I consider myself a fairly introspective and self-aware person, and I think that I am really good at reading other people, and I also have a bit of an ego. So, I thought that it would be easy for me to figure out the things that I’m really good at and what I need to work on. I didn’t realize how difficult this would be. Six months later, I’m still working on my list and how I can use it both in business and in life.

In making this list I discovered one aspect of my personality that I wasn’t sure how to categorize. I’m not really sure if it’s a strength or a weakness. I guess it’s a little bit of both.

I discovered that I missed my calling in high school. Instead of being punk rock with a mohawk, miniskirts with fishnet stockings and converse tennis shoes (true story-I’ll have to scan some pictures for a later post), I should have been a high pony tailed, pom pom waiving, always smiling cheerleader. Because really that is what I am good at. Give me five minutes into a any conversation and I’m sure that I will have recommended to you at least one friend, or other business that I love and support.

Need a photographer? I have a friend who is a fabulous wedding photographer! Thinking about a new exercise routine? I looove my classes at Pilates Plus. Are you a mom in the SCV? Have you heard about SCV Moms Blog! Need a criminal defense attorney? I have a friend who is a superstar in the courtroom! My favorite coffee? So glad you asked! Need to spice things up in the bedroom–okay this never actually comes up, but–Need something fun for a bachelorette party? I have a friend who is a purveyor of fine adult goods and throws parties. You like my hair? Let me tell you about my artist of a stylist and here’s the number of the salon and directions.

I love supporting businesses that I believe in and supporting my friends in anything that they do. This is something that is really important to me. I think that making a recommendation to someone is really the least you can do to show a friend you love them or to show a business how much you appreciate the product or service they provide to you.

This seems like a good thing right? A strength I guess. Well, a pretty big weakness comes along with this. I find it very difficult to talk about myself in this way. I am not at all a good self-promoter. I don’t really like talking about myself. I find it pretty uncomfortable most of the time. In fact, the thought of having a blog seemed ridiculous to me before I had a baby. I mean, I read other people’s personal blogs and liked them, but I just couldn’t imagine that anyone would want to read about me and my life. And really, I didn’t have any idea about what I would write about. After almost two years of this blog, I’ve become more comfortable with the idea and only fairly recently started blogging about myself and not just about Eleanor. Although, I still think that no one really cares, they are just waiting for more Eleanor stories. And I wouldn’t blame you.

I’m working on it though. I know that obviously to promote myself in business I will have to talk about myself, but it really doesn’t come naturally to me. And it’s funny because you’d think that it was a self-esteem issue, but I really do think I’m pretty awesome. I guess I just don’t feel like other people want to hear about it. Well, I can work at it, and hope that for now the strength part will counterbalance the weakness so that if I’m a cheerleader for others perhaps they’ll become a cheerleader for me.

A HoodLim Baby Shower

Posted by: Maggie

New Years weekend I went to the HoodLims’ baby shower. Josh and Eleanor stayed home, because Josh’s cousin was in town visiting.

The HoodLims have such great parties, always with tons of food and drinks.

I spent most of the party hanging out with their lovely friends.

Then we all sat and watched the requisite baby shower games.

One was a guys relay race, of course with backpack bellies.

Another was backpack belly twister. Pretty entertaining to watch.

The last game was guess the baby’s name. Kristy read all the names aloud and announced that we would have to wait until the baby was born to find out who won!

The cake was the cutest! With tiny baby Crocs on top.

In addition to cake we had Kristy’s famous giant pizookie! So delicious!

After cake and pizookie we headed inside to open the gifts.

Andrew kept track of the gifts on a spreadsheet on his laptop. Those HoodLims are so cute.

Kristy got tons of great stuff, including a very cute diaper cake!

Coming Soon: HoodLims Maternity Portraits & Newborn portraits sometime in February! We can’t wait to meet the little HoodLim!

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