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How lovely are your branches!

Posted by: Maggie

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, I love celebrations of any kind for any occasion! So you know that I looooove the holidays and must start celebrating as early as I possibly can, which means as early as Josh will let me.

Over the years I’ve convinced him to get our Christmas tree earlier and earlier. Starting last year we began getting our tree on the earliest possible day, the day after Thanksgiving. Which is perfect for me because I don’t like to mix holidays anyway! And yes, I am very aware that the tree will be dry and dead by Christmas, I don’t care! I want to start Christmas as soon as possible and you really neeeeed a tree for it to feel like Christmas!

So the day after Thanksgiving we went to take Eleanor’s Four Year Portraits and then to pick out our tree!

No, we don’t cut our own tree. While I can see the appeal to choosing your tree and cutting it yourself I’m not a fan for two reasons. First, don’t like the type of pine that is grown in the cut-your-own lots. I don’t like those thin wispy needles that make a tree look so bushy. I prefer a Noble or Douglas fir, with thick needles and strong separated branches. Second, I have terrible memories of doing it as a kid. We would stand around bored while it took forever as my dad struggled to cut it down, always frustrated and always cut at an odd angle so that it was always crooked when we put it up at home. It really wasn’t fun. Picking out the tree was the fun part. So, that’s the part that I continue for our family.

We picked out a lovely 6 foot Noble Fir. I always want to go bigger, but Josh keeps me in check.  When we got home I put on the Christmas music and we got to tree trimming!

The rest of our holiday decor will be up for you tomorrow!

Thanksgiving 2011

Posted by: Maggie

We had an interesting Thanksgiving this year. We hadn’t done Thanksgiving with Josh’s family for several years so I decided that this year we would skip my family’s and join Josh’s. Which was great, except that Josh’s Dad is into completely effortless Thanksgivings, which means restaurant Thanksgiving.

This year he chose Claim Jumper. The food and service were fine. Not great, just fine. The vegetarian option was a baked potato with veggies, which is not Thanksgivingy at all. But it was okay. We did seem to be rushed in and out, however, which was a little annoying. Each course came out quickly with hardly enough time to finish the one before it. We were in-and-out in a little over an hour.  All in all it was just fine, but didn’t at all feel like Thanksgiving.

To me Thanksgiving is about spending a whole day with the family eating snacks and appetizers, cooking dinner, setting the table, and putting up with my siblings watching football. Before I started dating Josh I had never actually heard of anyone having Thanksgiving at a restaurant. I mean, I knew that a lot of restaurants offered a Thanksgiving meal, but I had never head of anyone actually doing it. Now that I’ve done it, I know that it’s about as bizarre and non-Thanksgiving as I expected. We won’t be doing that again.

Luckily, my family is great about holidays and always making sure we all get to celebrate. So after Restaurant Thanksgiving we headed to my Dad’s to join him, my step-mom and siblings for dessert and football. AND I am ever so grateful for my amazing Mother who held her Thanksgiving on Sunday, which was a real Thanksgiving with appetizers and lots of vegetarian-friendly side dishes! I even convinced her to purchase a Heritage Turkey (read about Heritage Turkeys here) for the meat-eaters. Although much more expensive it was apparently delicious, so she’s ordered another for Christmas.

For some reason I only took food photos. I blame pregnancy exhaustion.

The food was delicious! Especially the dessert. My mom made bread pudding with butterscotch sauce, that was oh so good! And I made some homemade cinnamon ice cream to go with it. It was super good and pretty quick and easy to make!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving too!

Halloween 2011: Part Two

Posted by: Maggie

In the month leading up to Halloween, Eleanor’s costume changed three times. First, she wanted to be the Wicked Witch. So I bought a few things for her. But then I discovered that she already had a hand-me-down Dorothy dress in her closet, so I convinced her to be Dorothy so that I could be the Wicked Witch and Josh could be the Scarecrow. I bought her some ruby slippers which she loves! And she was set. That is, up until a week before Halloween when she discovered that several other girls in her class were planning on dressing as Tinkerbell.

Thankfully, she also had a hand-me-down Tink dress (that was a couple sizes too big and needed some quick alterations) and she had received some wings for her birthday last year! So she was all set and Josh and I decided just to skip the costumes all together.

Eleanor was pretty excited about Trick-or-Treating this year, now that she had the hang of it. Although, she was a little candy-crazy this year and kept forgetting to say, “Trick-or-Treat,” and “Thank You.” She was more interested in what candy was being handed out and what was in her bucket!

We lasted about as long as it took to fill her bucket, around an hour and a half I think. She could have gone longer, but I was through walking, so we headed home to examine the goods.

And a month later we have just about run out of candy. Just a few pieces left. So sad. Can’t wait for next year!

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