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Passover 2011

Posted by: Maggie

Passover is probably my second favorite holiday of the year (Thanksgiving is first). I am a big fan of tradition and ceremony. I was raised Catholic after all. There aren’t many holidays that are as traditional and ceremonious as Passover. And I love a good story. You can hardly find a better story than the Passover story: Moses, The Plagues, Exodus from Egypt into freedom, the parting of the Red Sea. It’s pretty amazing!

Last Monday we went to Josh’s Aunt’s house for the annual family Seder.

I know that many people aren’t very familiar with Jewish holidays. When we went to Disneyland for Eleanor’s birthday in December we overheard a tour guide explaining Hanukkah to the crowd as if it was some exotic foreign holiday. It was pretty funny. We assumed the tour was full of Midwesterners who had only seen Jews on tv.

If you don’t know what a Seder is, please read about it, this Wikipedia Article on Passover Seders gives a really good explanation.

Don’t worry! We didn’t give her any wine! That’s white grape juice she’s drinking.

Eleanor is excited to be the only small kid in the family. She get’s the find the Afikomen the every year. The Afikomen is the half-piece of matzo which is broken at the start of the Seder and then hid for the children to find. The meal doesn’t end until it is found and traded back to the adults. It’s usually traded for money or a small gift. This year Eleanor got Seder plate fridge magnets.

I’ve decided that we’ll do our own, more casual, Seder next year! I just love Passover, one Seder a year is not enough!

Easter Love

Posted by: Maggie

We hope your day is filled with family, love, chocolates, eggs, and bunnies!

Valentine’s Day 2011

Posted by: Maggie

As usual Valentine’s Day was low key at the KG house. We celebrated the day before, Sunday, by exchanging cards and gifts. Josh got me a bouquet of my favorite flower, white Calla Lillies, and a box of my favorite chocolates, See’s Nuts & Chews. I got him a brass owl paperweight and a new pair of sunglasses (sorry I didn’t take photos of those, maybe I’ll save them for a Fabulous Friday post!).

In the evening I started preparing Eleanor’s Valentines for her class. As usual, I went a tad overboard. I’m so bad at doing things simple and casual, it’s really annoying to have the compulsive need to go over the top. ALL THE TIME. Although, in my head these projects always seem smaller and easier than they end up being.

I designed some Photo Valentines a few weeks prior and had them printed for pretty cheap by my photo printing vendor. I figured that was the best way for the other kids to know who their valentine was from, since they can’t read yet. Also I sorta hate the cheap, boring, princess Valentines from the grocery store. Then I thought I’d hole punch them and tie them with ribbons to goodie bags. Seems simple right? Except then I thought it would be fun to make the goodies instead of just buying candies. And I thought about just making a batch of cookies, but then somehow I switched that to Rice Krispie Treats with HEART SPRINKLES!! Too cute!

And then I found a heart shaped cookie cutter in my kitchen and decided I should cut the treats into hearts, because that would be soooooooo adorable! You can see how things got out of hand.

It took FOREVER to cut them, put them in their individual bags, hole punch the cards, tie them with ribbon, and curl the ribbon! A much more time consuming project than I had originally planned! But they did turn out incredibly cute!

Oh, and I also decided to make chocolate-covered strawberries for Eleanor’s class party. I am some sort of masochist. It makes Josh a little crazy.

Valentine’s Day morning I made Eleanor a strawberry smoothie and Josh had brought her home some donut holes! She was actually more interested in her cereal! Funny girl!

She wore her specially chosen, red apple Valentine’s Day dress to school. We did a mini portrait session before getting in the car.

Isn’t she the cutest little Valentine ever! She had a great time at her class party and enjoyed the tons of candy and lollipops from her classmates over the next two weeks! Valentine’s Day is kinda awesome!