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Eleanor’s First Trip to the Movies

Posted by: Maggie

We took advantage of Josh and I being off work for the Monday holiday following the Fourth of July to take Eleanor to her first movie in a theater, Toy Story 3.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned many, many times that Eleanor is not the type of kid who sits still, ever. So we waited to see a movie that we knew would hold her attention. She loves the first two Toy Story movies. She talks about Woody and Buzz all the time, and tells us that she’s a cowboy or shouts, “to infinity and beyond!” We hoped that the familiar characters would keep her in her seat for the length of the film.

I snuck a couple quick shots before the movie started:

Even though we knew she would be excited to see her favorite characters in a new story, we expected to have to get up and leave the theater before the movie actually ended. But we were wrong.

She did really well. She didn’t stay in her seat the whole time, but she only got up to stand in front of her seat or to alternate between my and Josh’s laps. We were so happy! We can’t wait to take her to another movie!

Hey Maggie, what’s going on with your photo website?

Posted by: Maggie

Well, I told a bunch of people that it was going to launch on the 4th and now it’s the 15th and it’s not up yet! What’s the deal?!

Well, Josh was basically ready to have it up, but I didn’t have the content ready. So I spent a weekend or so getting the content written and moving my photography posts from this site to that, resizing images for the galleries, and cropping images for the header. And now that part is complete, which means that the site should be up, right? Well, no. So, as it turns out Josh expected to launch without the portfolio image galleries done and then just add them later. And to a normal person I’m sure that would seem fine. After all, I’ve written a post about all of my shoots so the images will already be there, but just in the individual posts and not in galleries. So, no big deal, right? Wrong.

I’m not so much a normal person. I am a person who when moving has to unpack as quickly as humanly possible (no more than 2 days!), I cannot stand to have unpacked boxes around. I’m also a person who purchased basically all of the furniture in her home in a single shopping trip. Basically, I just can’t stand for something to be unfinished or incomplete. I guess that makes me sort of a perfectionist or maybe just a little obsessive compulsive.

I also just decided that I want to have some new headshots done for my bio portion of the site. So I don’t think that I can launch the site before that.

I do realize that all of this is a little crazy, or maybe a lot crazy. I should just launch it and add the photos and the galleries later. But, you know what, I don’t really want to. It’s my business and my website and I want it to be how I want it, which is complete when it launches. Please feel free to tell me how crazy you think I am.

So, right now, I’m hoping for the first week of August give or take a week.  Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Wordless Wednesday: At the Zoo

Posted by: Maggie