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A Day at the Gentle Barn

Posted by: Maggie

Continuing our weekly Spring weekend outings, a few weeks ago, we spent a Sunday morning at the Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita. I had heard of it years ago, but this was our first visit. The Gentle Barn is the home of more than 130 farm animals that were rescue from severe abuse, neglect or slaughter. They all have heartbreaking stories.

The Gentle Barn is open to visitors every Sunday from 10am-2pm and they also run programs for at-risk teens, special needs kids, and schools. They also have a lot of volunteering opportunities if you are interested in spending time with some super cute farm animals!

I have to say this was one of our most fun outings yet! We were able to get up-close to all the animals, and pet and feed most of them! I can’t wait to go back!

Eleanor was a little wary of the turkeys. This one kept gobbling and flapping his wings around, I would have kept my distance too!

She got a little braver when the volunteer showed her how to feed the turkeys. And then she wanted to feed every animal!

We even got to give the cows a brush and hugs! Everyone who hugs a cow gets a free bracelet that says, “I hugged a cow!” Pretty sweet!

And, just for Andrew, here’s a bonus beard shot:

It’s coming along pretty nicely!

Go visit The Gentle Barn SoCal readers! It’s such a nice way to spend a Sunday morning!

The Lantern Festival

Posted by: Maggie

I have been such a terrible blogger lately! Sorry everyone! I am so behind in keeping you all up on what’s going on with the Keegan Gross family.

Well, now that it’s getting to be Spring timey and the weather is getting a little warmer, we decided to try to get out of the house and do something fun every weekend. We started with our trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo with Kristy, Andrew & Audrey. The weekend after that we took the train to downtown LA to the Chinese American Museum’s Lantern Festival to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Eleanor was so excited about the train ride!

I always love to get to visit Union Station, it’s one of my favorite places in Los Angeles.

The Festival itself was fun. There were traditional dancers, booths with a number a crafts for the kids: paper cutting, Chinese lettering, face painting, and kite making among others,  some yummy food trucks, and all of the lovely lanterns.

And the street in front of the museum is the perfect place for portraits. I need to bring some clients back there!

Josh’s 30 days till 30

Posted by: Josh

Whilst reading Maggie’s post about 30 things she wants to do before she turns 30, I noticed that I was in fact not much more than 30 DAYS away from being thirty. And that I had not done anything on my own list of things to do by the time I’m thirty.

As such, I’ve made some quick revisions to my list to bring me a little more in line with my goals (note: original list written at age 16).

  1. Learn to play guitar Acquire brother-in-law who plays guitar
  2. Write a book Marry someone who plans to write a book
  3. Write a movie script Spend 15 years thinking about writing a movie script
  4. Get into UCLA film school Often buy snacks from the vending machine outside UCLA film school
  5. Write a comic book Become estranged from friend I heard wrote a comic book
  6. Work in television Work at Starbucks making coffee for assholes who work in television
  7. Befriend awesome intelligent artistic people at college Graduate college a year early cause “I’m so sick of this shit”
  8. Get rich Get paid enough to really appreciate the idea of getting rich
  9. Leave SCV, become a recluse, spend all time engaged in artistic endeavors Settle down in SCV, get married, spend 45 mins. a week engaged in artistic endeavors
  10. Live in Spain Make flight arrangements for someone who frequently visits Spain
  11. Learn to speak Spanish Have child who watches a lot of Dora the Explorer

And there you go. Through the power of creative editing, I win at life. Top that, wife!

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