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Wordless Wednesday: A Sunday Morning Walk

Posted by: Maggie

Wordless Wednesday: A Bike Ride

Posted by: Maggie

Hey Brian Came to See Us Again!

Posted by: Maggie

I almost forgot to post about Brian’s visit at Christmas. In case you’re new here, Brian is Josh’s best friend who lives in Philadelphia where he’s finishing up his PhD in History. He was back in town for the holidays for a few weeks, so we got to see him a lot more than we usually do on his visits.

We saw him for the first time right after Christmas and he came bearing gifts.

The blocks were a gift from both Brian and his sister Lauren. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Lauren because I was sick right before Christmas and she headed home to New York right after. But we immediately emailed her Eleanor’s thanks:

After Eleanor went to bed. We gifted Brian with some delicious treats:

Josh’s famous tortilla soup.

A little something to drink.

And a sweet treat for dessert. Brian and I actually went out on a Spudnuts run, only to find out they were closed for the night. So we ended up with some grocery store donuts, which were still pretty delicious.

Okay, okay enough with the set up, on to the Man Meat!

Have I mentioned how much Brian loves it when I refer to him as Man Meat and then tell the ladies to “come and get it!”

Oh he loves it! So ladies! Come and get it!

Alright, enough of that. Here’s some adorable Eleanor and Brian bonding shots.

Watching a movie together.

Brian taught her how to use his camera, which resulted in a lot of close-ups of her eyeball.

Another night Eleanor showed Brian how to tie the drawstrings on his sweater.

Aren’t they adorable! Eleanor is crazy about Brian by the way. As soon as he would arrive to hang out she would say, “Come on Brian”, and drag him off to play a game with her. And she still asks if Brian is coming to have dinner with us at least once or twice a week. She saw me working on the photos for this post and got really excited, “Brian!” We miss you Brian! Come visit again soon!