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I’m back!

Posted by: Maggie

Okay, so I realize that it has been almost a month since I posted and I feel horrible about it! At my busiest in the last two years I have still managed to post at least twice a week. But the last month and a half has been crazy! Maggie Keegan Gross Photography has been so busy that I literally have not taken a single photograph that I was not being paid to take in a month. I’ve had quadruple my normal monthly clients. Which is awesome and amazing and puts me on track for where I want my business to be in the upcoming year.

But it also means that I am exhausted and worn a bit thin. With work, Eleanor to take care of, making time for her and Josh, and (sort of) taking care of housework, all while pregnant has just taken up all of my time. Something had to give and this blog was it.

So I apologize and want you to know that I am back and recommitting myself to regular posting!

I have just two newborn sessions to shoot in December, and then the rest of the month is for business organizing & planning, blogging, and celebrating!

I hope you’ll forgive me my absence and continue to follow me and my hectic life!

p.s. If you want to see what I’ve been up to head over to Maggie Keegan Gross Photography to see all my recent work!

Jack’s Three-Month Portraits

Posted by: Maggie

I shot my nephew’s three-month portraits last month, and they’re now up over at Maggie Keegan Gross Photography. Head over and check them out!

Baby Keira at Maggie Keegan Gross Photography

Posted by: Maggie

Don’t worry, my weekly pregnancy update will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can head over to Maggie Keegan Gross Photography to check out this little cutie! Her mom used to work with Josh, and her big sister, Kaitlyn, was born just a few days before Eleanor. It’s been fun watching the girls grow together. We are thrilled that Keira has joined their little family!

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