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BlogHer Book Club: Faithful Place Review

Posted by: Maggie

I’m excited to join the BlogHer Book Club! For my first book I had the chance to review Faithful Place by Tana French. Although, I’m not usually into mystery novels this seemed like it would be a fun read and it didn’t disappoint!

“From the class conflicts, to sibling rivalry, to first love, and family loyalty, French weaves a complex story of a family and a neighborhood that I found hard not to lose myself in.”

You can read the rest of my review HERE and then wander around BlogHer for other reviews in their Book Club.

Knocked Up!

Posted by: Maggie

Well, I’ve accomplished # 25 on my 30 by 30 list! Unfortunately, that means I’ll have to drop a few others off my list, because I probably shouldn’t go wine tasting while pregnant.

We are thrilled! Eleanor is very excited to be a big sister! She already has some names picked out: Greece, Squeaky, and Eurenka. We’ll keep them in mind, but we have a few others we’re thinking of.

This sonogram was at 8 weeks. I’m 9 weeks now, and definitely feeling it. Although, I’m feeling much better than I did with Eleanor. The last time around the morning sickness was terrible, I was throwing up everyday and feeling constantly nauseous. I lost 10 pounds and was hospitalized for dehydration three times. This time around I’m pretty much constantly nauseous, but I’ve only thrown up once and I’m not nearly as miserable. Thank goodness! I don’t know how I would have handled taking care of Eleanor from the bathroom floor.

I am completely exhausted all the time though. I have almost no energy. I’m taking 10am naps, and then lying on the couch while Eleanor watches tv all afternoon. It’s some pretty fantastic parenting. I don’t think she minds so much, except that she keeps asking if I’m going to be sick forever.

I’m planning on doing a weekly photo and pregnancy update for you all. So I’ll have that first update for you later today or tomorrow, depending on my energy level!

Worst Salesman Ever!

Posted by: Maggie

We’re renewing our lease at our Apartment, and we have to get Renter’s insurance.  So, I go online this morning around 7:30am, just before I wake up Eleanor for school, to get some quotes. I enter my info into one of those quote sites and I immediately get a couple auto-response emails from insurance companies. It’s time for me to get Eleanor up for school, so I get up from the computer to do that when my phone starts ringing. I look at it and don’t recognize the number so I let it go to voicemail. Except, they don’t leave a message. Instead, less than a minute later it starts ringing again. Again, no message, and again, moments after the ringing stops, it begins ringing again. Again, no message. Then I get a text, “This is Joe Insurance Agent from Big Name Insurance Company. I need to speak with you to get some more information for your quote. Please call me at [the number that had just been calling] when you have a chance.”

Ahhh, so that’s whose been calling. Well, now I know what he wants and have a number to reach him at my convenience. That should stop the calls right. Nope! Less than a minute later I get yet another call from the same number. This time I answer: Him: “Hi Maggie, this is Joe Insurance Agent.” Me: I’m busy, which is why I didn’t answer the last three times you called. DO NOT CALL AGAIN.”

Then I get a form email from him about needing more info for a quote. And about an hour later I get another text apologizing for disturbing me and asking what a good time to call would be.  And that is the first and only message I should have received this morning. “When would be a good time to call?” Instead, I got call after call, after text, after email. All in less than a ten minute period. I wouldn’t buy insurance from that guy if he was offering it to me for free.

Such an annoying way to start my morning!

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