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Making the Bed

Posted by: Maggie

Since being at home all day I’ve become obsessed with making the bed every morning.  Well, maybe obsessed is too strong a word, but I certainly have become determined to always have a made bed.  I’ve never been one to make my bed.  I have always been in too much of a hurry in the mornings, getting to school or work, or, to be honest, sometimes I was just too lazy. I usually made the bed on a weekend and certainly would if I knew someone was coming over and may possibly look into the bedroom.  Now that I am at home all day and spend more time in the bedroom I really enjoy having a made bed.

I have always loved the look of a made bed with crisp sheets and fluffy pillows. Having that at home makes me feel like I’m in a hotel.  I’m even starting to consider ironing my sheets, because really they just are not crisp enough.  Martha does it.  And If you want to do something right…

Want It!

Posted by: Maggie

Maggie Finished Law School!

Posted by: Maggie

I took my last ever final of law school last week and since then I have been working on a project for my estate planning class which was due today.

My project partner and very good friend Jonathan and I had our last lunch of law school together at our favorite lunch spot in Malibu, Taverna Tony, yesterday before meeting with our professor and finishing our work on the project.

This morning Jonathan put the finishing touches on the project and turned it in for us. So as of 10am I completed law school. Now all that is left is graduation (as long as I passed my classes) next Friday (oh and the bar exam in July)!

Josh was at work so Eleanor and I celebrated together with her first trip to the bookstore!

I got a few books from the summer reading table and Eleanor got a few board books for herself.

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