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Wordless Wednesday: Baking Pumpkin Bread* (*from a mix)

Posted by: Maggie

A Day at the Fair

Posted by: Maggie

We visited the L.A. County Fair a couple weekends ago. It was super hot, but we still had a good time.

We started with the farm animals, which is really the only reason I wanted to go. Eleanor was crazy for the animals.

Next we checked out some very talented kids and teens dancing some baile folklorico. Eleanor watched with a huge smile on her face. She loves everything music and dancing.

Next, we grabbed some lunch.

Then we went to the little carnival section, but by now it was after noon and really, really hot, so we didn’t really spend much time there. But Eleanor saw the rides and insisted that she get to go on one.

Now, I have serious concerns about safety on these kinds of rides that are assembled, disassembled, and reassembled, and Eleanor is too small for most of them anyway so we found the only one I felt okay about.

She loved it, and then she threw a fit when we tried to pull her off of it!

We finished out the day by buying a mini cupcake for Eleanor as a bribe to get her to leave the fair and get into the car. Where by the way we discovered the temperature was this:

Next year, we’ll go at night.

A Song for Saturday: You were meant for me

Posted by: Maggie

This song makes me think of fall and walks in the rain. So in honor of last night’s rainstorm, The Pretenders’ cover of The Kinks’ “I Go to Sleep”:

Also I am crazy for Chrissie Hynde. With those long legs and that voice of hers. She’s amazing!

Have a lovely rainy weekend everyone!