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30 by 30 – No. 24 Stop Eating Fish

Posted by: Maggie

I’m doing 29 up big! I plan to accomplish a number of things, better define the kind of person that I am and want to be, and have a fun year doing it! Follow along as I check things off my 30 by 30 list!

I think some people were confused by this one on my list. No. 23 is Focus on Healthy Eating, so stop eating fish seemed a little contradictory. Fish is supposed to be a super healthy food, right? Well, yes and no. The “No” part is just one of the reasons I decided to stop eating fish. I’ll get to that in a minute. There are three big reasons this made my list.

1. I’m a Vegetarian (and in case you’re new here, so are Josh & Eleanor, we’re an adorable family of vegetarians). I know some vegetarians aren’t strict about abstaining from fish, but eating fish has always made me feel like a hypocrite. I’ve been a Vegetarian for almost 17 years, and I’ve attempted to give up fish just about once a year for those 17 years. These days I really only eat fish once a month at the most, but I know I shouldn’t be eating it at all. Fish are animals too and I don’t eat animals. Somehow, because I love Sushi I’ve managed to rationalize my fish consumption with various ideas that I no longer feel have any merit. No more rationalizing for me! I plan to be a good Vegetarian from now on!

2. Fish Isn’t Safe to Eat. Oooooh controversial statement right? People think fish is a healthy food, and it’s true that fish can be safe and healthy and it’s sorta possible to get some of that safe & healthy fish, but for the most part it’s not. And it’s not worth the risk for me. Last year I read What to Eat by Marion Nestle. It is an incredibly thorough and entertaining guide to food, it’s healthfulness and safety. I highly recommend it, in fact, I’m planning a whole post on it soon. In the Fish section of the book, Nestle explores the health claims regarding fish and the safety of eating fish. She explains that while fish are a good source of protein and unsaturated fats and excellent sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, the safety risks may outweigh the health benefits. In short, most fish have safety issues ranging from high levels of Methylmercury, PCBs and related toxic chemicals in wild and farmed fish to antibiotics, disinfectants, and pesticides in farmed fish. Additionally, there are problems with labeling that makes it difficult to know which fish is okay to purchase and which is not.

As for health, protein and healthy fats are abundant in non-animal foods, and Omega-3s while less common, can be obtained from plant sources, like beans, nuts and seeds, and flax seed and canola oils. If you must eat fish, there are lists you can use that will tell you which fish is safe to eat. For me, it’s not worth the risk.

3. Fishing and Fish Farming is Cruel to Fish and Destructive to the Environment. I just read Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals. Over the years, I’ve read a lot about the horrors of factory farming, the human rights abuses and animal abuse, terrible things that make your stomach turn and bring tears to your eyes. But I’ve never read much about fishing or fish farming until Eating Animals. I’m not going to go into details about it, but I will say that Foer described enough cruelty and environmental destruction to make me never want to eat Sushi again. I urge you all to read this book.

It’s been a little more than 6 months since I’ve had any fish and I don’t intend to have any ever again. So, I’m crossing this one off the list! Goal accomplished!

You can check out my 30 by 30 list HERE and let me know if you’ve got a list of your own that you’re working on.

Josh’s 30 days till 30

Posted by: Josh

Whilst reading Maggie’s post about 30 things she wants to do before she turns 30, I noticed that I was in fact not much more than 30 DAYS away from being thirty. And that I had not done anything on my own list of things to do by the time I’m thirty.

As such, I’ve made some quick revisions to my list to bring me a little more in line with my goals (note: original list written at age 16).

  1. Learn to play guitar Acquire brother-in-law who plays guitar
  2. Write a book Marry someone who plans to write a book
  3. Write a movie script Spend 15 years thinking about writing a movie script
  4. Get into UCLA film school Often buy snacks from the vending machine outside UCLA film school
  5. Write a comic book Become estranged from friend I heard wrote a comic book
  6. Work in television Work at Starbucks making coffee for assholes who work in television
  7. Befriend awesome intelligent artistic people at college Graduate college a year early cause “I’m so sick of this shit”
  8. Get rich Get paid enough to really appreciate the idea of getting rich
  9. Leave SCV, become a recluse, spend all time engaged in artistic endeavors Settle down in SCV, get married, spend 45 mins. a week engaged in artistic endeavors
  10. Live in Spain Make flight arrangements for someone who frequently visits Spain
  11. Learn to speak Spanish Have child who watches a lot of Dora the Explorer

And there you go. Through the power of creative editing, I win at life. Top that, wife!

On Being 29 &
My 30 by 30 List

Posted by: Maggie

I’ve been thinking about how to write about this since my birthday on February 5th. I’ve turned 29 and am surprised by how I feel about it. I’m kinda sad. Sad to be in the last year of my Twenties. I don’t have a problem with growing older. Especially since my baby face still looks 18. But there is something special about being in your Twenties and I’m sad to be leaving that behind. My goal over the next year is to get over that. I want to do 29 up big! I want to accomplish a number of things and better define the kind of person that I am and want to be, and have a fun year doing it!

Your Twenties is time for growing up, a transition from childhood to adulthood. I want to ensure that I’ve made that transition thoughtfully. This year is about living intentionally. Not just going through the motions each day, but really thinking about the things I do and how they will contribute to the life I want to live.

I’m starting with a list. I’ll blog about each item as I check it off.  AND I’ll be doing a series of posts about things that I think I already do pretty well called Cranky Living. Hopefully you’ll enjoy!

For now, here’s my list, let me know if you have any tips or ways to help me accomplish all of these by February 5, 2012!

30 by 30

  1. IT’S A SECRET – I’ll let you know when I accomplish it!
  2. Keep my plants alive
  3. Get in the best shape of my life
  4. Have Christa Meola take boudoir portraits of me (after completing #3)
  5. Write a Book
  6. Make more time to read books
  7. Make books of my blog posts
  8. Have a beautiful bedroom
  9. Make my Photography business successful enough to support my family
  10. Learn the harmonica
  11. Let go of what I think I’m supposed to be and just be who I am
  12. Be less critical of myself and others
  13. Get rid of the clutter and stop accumulating it in the first place
  14. Finally decorate my patio
  15. Create and stick to a budget
  16. Pay off our credit card debt
  17. Build an emergency fund
  18. Make something fun that people want to buy from me
  19. Redesign Making Me Cranky
  20. Get a New Tattoo
  21. Say “No” more, or at least, “I wish I could, but I have too much on my plate right now!”
  22. Get rid of the chemicals in my house
  23. Focus on healthy eating
  24. Stop Eating Fish
  25. Get pregnant with Baby #2
  26. Buy a new little black dress
  27. Visit a haunted house
  28. Go Wine Tasting
  29. Learn enough graphic design that I don’t need Josh to do it all for me
  30. Throw a Fabulous 30th birthday party for myself on the last night of my 20s! (That’s Saturday Feb 4th 2012, Save the Date!)
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